Thursday, July 29, 2010

Me and Scout go on a field trip to be bad in public

We're ready to go for a ride, Mommy!

Mommy decided today that me and Scout have spent too much time in the house alone this week so she took us with her when she ran errands to the credit union and then to the pet store.

We  love adventures!

We love to visit the credit union and they like it when we come to visit. A lady who was there to get some money told us we should stay at home. Mommy brought us so we could practice being good in public, but she kept me and Scout away from all of the people because she knows not everyone likes dogs. We did pretty good till the teller got out the biscuits and then ... me jumping on the counter! Scout wiggling and whining! Mommy said two dogs are too many to visit the credit union.

Then we went to the pet store because I needed to get my work collar and leash. They're blue. (Mommy is sure I'm going to pass my test on Sunday; I hope she doesn't have her hopes up too high.) Scout wanted to meet all the people and I wanted to eat all of the biscuits, so we were a handful.

And there are dogs at the pet store! One big one came in and barked right at me and Scout when we were at the check out. So of course I barked back. And me and Scout got all tangled in our leashes and Mommy was just not happy with us.

Plus, Mommy had taken a muscle relaxer before she left the house, so by that time she was kind of loopy and slow. Which is even better for me because I can be extra naughty before she can catch me!

Anyway, she made us new name tags for our collars at the dog tag making machine because we fight a lot and we broke our names tags. And then we went home and we all took a nice two hour nap and woke up when Daddy came home for dinner.

It was a pretty good day all around.


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