Monday, July 5, 2010

Mommy and Daddy are selling the house and Dali has a tail emergency

So me and Scout heard Mommy and Daddy talking last night and they said they are going to sell our house. But we would not have to live in a tent because they would buy another house with lots of yard and space for Daddy to get a goat.

Me and Scout think it might be OK but we know how much Mommy loves this house. So they better find a house that's as fun as this one. But yay! We would have a big yard to run around in! But the house cannot be too far from Grandma or Cassie or Dali.

We didn't see Mommy much today because she was driving around looking at houses. And then Dali had an emergency and Mommy had to go get her at Grandma's and take her to the vet. Dali, not Grandma. Although Grandma was pretty shaky when Mommy got there and she thought maybe Grandma might need to see the doctor, too.

Anyway, Dali was sreaming REALLY LOUD every time she moved her behind and Mommy and Grandma couldn't figure out what happened. Well guess what. The doctor said Dali has a bruised tail.

Just in case you didn't know, a dog's tail is not just fur. There's stuff in there that can ouch pretty bad. And that's what happened to Dali. When Grandma and Dali were outside today, Dali got her leash caught on a chair and the chair knocked over a plant. Grandma thinks that the plant fell on Dali's behind and squished her tail hard.

Dali didn't have to get a butt cast or anything. She just got a shot in her tail and some good medicine for later and she's going to live, which is good. When Mommy got back to Grandma's with Dali, Grandma had has some wine and she was feeling better, too.

Me and Scout didn't get our dinner until 9:00 at night and we are now too pooped to go out and poop.


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Fun Friends said...

Fun Story and Pics! Check out our dogs at Fun Friends

Bocci said...

Ha! Well said! and a glass of wine (or two!) does help to settle those nerves-or so my Parental Unit tells me!

Your Buddy,

Bandit said...

Now Daddy says we are not moving. We are staying here and fixing up this house. Except now he found another house to look at. We're all confused and Mommy spent time yesterday bonking her head against the wall.