Friday, July 2, 2010

We had a fun week with our puppy friends

So this has been a good dog week for us! We went to the park a lot. And we also got to see some of our dog friends.

We finally got to meet Frankie and Izzy, the matching hot dogs who moved into the house on the corner a few months ago. And we got to see Ikoda again; he is a giant dog who always comes to visit us when we walk by his house. And Mommy even let Sasha sneak over the fence to come and romp around with us for a few minutes. We went by Macy's house a couple of times but she wasn't out splashing in her pool.

Now we hope Dali gets to come and visit while it's the Happy Fourth of July!

Mommy volunteered at the shelter for the second week and she did not bring home any kittens, so Daddy is very happy. But me and Scout and Murphy think if she keeps volunteering we'll have a kitty sister before long!

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