Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America and Welcome Home Uncle Eric!!!

Me and Scout and Murphy and the Joy Cluck Cluck and Mommy and Daddy want to say Happy Birthday, America!

Mommy and Daddy are going to a petting zoo this afternoon to see Mommy's friend Russ and his miniature ponies. Me and Scout think we Mommy should get a miniature pony and then bring home Aunt Jackie's talking bird Danger. Then we could start a circus and let Danger ride around on the pony and we could make some money and Daddy wouldn't have to work so hard making hamburgers all day.

After Mommy and Daddy get home we are going to hang around the house all day and play water dog and get really dirty and bark and bark and bark and make Daddy cook hamburgers on the grill on his day off.

Then when it gets dark everyone will shoot off big boomer explosions and Scout will hide under Mommy's desk and then we'll all go to bed.

And here's the greatest part of the day - Uncle Eric comes home from the Middle East today!! He flies ginormous airplanes that are like gas stations in the sky so he has a very important job. He was only gone for about 6 weeks but it probably felt like forty-leven million for Aunt Jackie.

So it's a great day all around.


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Bocci said...

Welcome home Uncle Eric-and thank you!
Have a fun 4th!

Your buddy,

Bandit said...

Bocci, Uncle Eric was so tired of looking at sand that when he got home he mowed the lawn because he missed grass so much!