Friday, July 9, 2010

No new cats

This is our pack. Plus Mommy and Daddy and the chickens
and Cassie and Dali and Grandma.

Just so you know, Mommy worked at the shelter today and she did not bring home a cat.

She told me and Scout a secret: she was planning to bring home a cat, but when she got to the shelter it was gone. She was afraid they made it go into a long sleep because no one wanted her, whatever that means.

But Mommy looked through the paperwork and found out someone took it home
Yay! She was happy.

Daddy said no more animals. But Mommy could just bring it home and not say anything because we think it would take Daddy about a week to even notice a new cat.

Me and Scout and Murphy are trying to decide if we want a cat sister. We kinda like our pack like it is.


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tweetypie said...

Aww dats great dat sumbody took da kitty home, dats da way it is at my home U wouldnt even nos der wuz a new kittie here BOL


Bandit said...

I know. Mommy was really going to bring it home!

Do you want another kitty? The shelter has a lot of them!

Your pal,

Bocci said...

Your mom is very sweet to want to save that kittie, Scout and Bandit. Glad it found a home!

Your buddy,