Friday, July 9, 2010

Yesterday was a good day

Yesterday was a good day. A man came to our house to talk to Mommy about fixing the garage roof and putting up a big fence.

Me and Scout don't like the fence idea because we won't be able to see Sasha and Kona and Killian anymore. But Mommy said if the fence goes up then we can put in grass.

Just in case you didn't know, grass is the green, soft, squishy stuff we play on at the park and at Grandma's house. We don't have grass at our house. Just a lot of dirt.

Yay! Me and Scout want grass!

Then,the chicken doctor called and guess what? The chickens don't have their icky disease any more! So they don't need any more medicine and next week we can start eating their eggs again and Mrs. Wiggins and Coco should have their feathers grow in so they're not bald on their backs and butts any more.

Then Cassie came over. We like to see her. She didn't bring Dali htough. Boo. I guess she didn't want us to bruise up Dali's tail any more than it already is after the plant fell on it.

So it was a good day. We're getting grass and the chickens are better, but we didn't get to see Dali.

Today is Mommy's day at the shelter. Let's see if she brings home a cat!


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