Sunday, July 25, 2010

Super Electro Dog strikes again!

Mommy and Daddy had to move Cassie's stuff back from Buffalo this weekend. When they moved her to Buffalo back in January I got to go on the trip. You can read all about that fun adventure, too!

But I didn't get to go this time.

So when they came home to unload I got to supervise. Scout just watched, because he is not an experienced moving dog, like I am.

Then I got bored. There was a TV in the back of Daddy's truck, so I thought I would get in the truck and watch a movie while everyone else worked.

But all of the doors were closed on the truck. So do you know what I did?

I turned into Super Electro Dog and leaped into the truck!

The TV didn't work in the truck so I sniffed around for a while and then I got bored again so I stuck my head out of the Daddy side of the truck and barked. And Mommy and Daddy were very confused about how I was even in there. But before they could do anything, I jumped right out of the truck.

It's a pretty big jump. But Super Electro Dog can use his superpowers to do all sorts of special stuff.

Mommy and Daddy were so surprised that they came to check out the car. And that's when Daddy saw all of the paw marks Super Electro Dog made on the Mommy side truck door.

But he wasn't even mad. He thought it was pretty funny that I could figure out how to get into the car through the window. It's a good thing the window was open!

They both decided that I can't be left alone too long because I will get into too much trouble.

Anyway, Cassie will probably move again in a couple of months and then I'll get to go on that adventure again!

Super Electro Dog (it's really me, Bandit!)

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