Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grandma, bunnies and new friends

Me, Dali and Scout playing at Grandma's house

Today was the greatest day me and Scout have had in a long time. We went to Grandma's to play with Dali. We chased the ball and played water dog and had some fun.

Then some exciting stuff happened!

First, we found bunnies! Grandma didn't even know she had baby bunnies living in her yard until they ran across the grass and we chased them. Well, Scout and Dali chased them and I chased Scout because there were three dogs and only two bunnies.

This is one of the baby bunnies we found today. He was small
enough that Mommy could hold him in one hand

And then guess what happened? It's not good.

Dali caught a baby bunny. She had the baby bunny by the leg and the bunny was screaming. I'll bet you didn't know baby bunnies could scream. But they can. We heard it.

Mommy ran over and got the baby bunny away from Dali and carried it around while we all calmed down from the excitement. Mommy held the baby bunny for a while and petted it and talked mommy-talk to it, and then she put it on the ground and the baby bunny hopped away really fast. So the bunny was safe and sound.

And then Scout ran away to visit the neighbors across the street and then he brought all the people back with him! It was a party in Grandma's yard! A cool dog named Q came over with his mommy Cat (she's not a kitty cat, she's a people Cat) and Jeannie and Jeannie's daughter and Cat and Jeannie's mommy and aunt.

Q was so excited he had something called a seizure, which isn't good. His mommy sat with him for a few minutes, and then he popped up and went back to sniffing and playing! Yay! All the people just talked and talked and us dogs just sniffed and sniffed. Which is pretty much the same thing.

Dali and Q say hello

Scout says hello to the people

Q says hello to me, but I said, Hey Jeannie,
give me some food from your grocery bag!

After the neighbor and dog reunion, me and Scout and Dali went back to playing. Except Dali needs to go back to puppy kindergarten because I think she was sick the day they taught about how to share your toys and not jump on your cousins. So me and Scout told Dali we didn't want to play with her any more because she was being a meanie.

If you are a dog, this is how you say to another dog,
Leave me alone and quit jumping on me or else!

So Scout ran away again. He went way into Grandma's back yard and then into the creek and Mommy thinks maybe he went to the houses back there and visited the people. I went with Scout this time except I stayed on Grandma's side of the creek because there was some good poop to sniff.

So Scout was all wet from the creek water and I had poop on my paws.

Then Mommy said Time to go home, you monster dogs!

It sounded like she was mad but she wasn't. She was just joking. She even took us to Tim Horton's for Tim Bits.

And that's the end of the story for today. We found some bunnies and played water dog at Grandma's and made some new friends and went to vist Tim Horton. And no one got hurt too much so it was a great day.

Except Mommy said we need baths because me and Scout are the stinkiest dogs on God's whole earth. Oh well. It was worth it.


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