Monday, June 20, 2011

Bailey joins the Mystery Barf competition!

Bailey, the Mystery Barf champ of the year, so far. She did not barf up this ball.
 Yay for Bailey! She is the Mystery Barf champion so far this year!

Last night, she barfed up some really good barf. Right in Mommy's bed! Right next to Mommy's face!

Mommy had just changed all of the sheets and blankies on her bed because we had gotten them really dirty and crunchy. Then when we went to bed, she moved Bailey from the bottom of the bed because she takes up all of Mommy's feet room. She put Bailey right next to her so they could snuggle.

Then we all went to deep sleep.

Hahaha! Bailey is a sneaky barfer. She doesn't give any warning. One second she is snoring with her head on Mommy pillow. And the next? Baaarrrrrffff. No coughing or anything. Just barf everywhere.

And I don't know what she ate. But PEEE-EEEEW! It might have been the broccoli she had at dinner. Or the venison jerky Daddy made. Or maybe it was all of that poop she ate yesterday. But it was the stinkiest barf I had ever smelled.

So Bailey got points for barfing, for barfing something we can't recognize, for barfing on Mommy's clean sheets, for barfing without any warning, and for almost barfing in Mommy's face.

She is going to be hard to beat for Mystery Barf champ.


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