Friday, June 3, 2011

PS: I forgot to tell you another bad thing we did!

Hahaha, PS! I forgot to tell you another bad thing we did today. It was great.

When Mommy put us in the car to go get weighed and donut holed, we were VERY excited. We got in the dogmobile and were hopping all around so Mommy had to squeeze in her seat and shut her door. Then she saw some stuff that she needed to throw away so we wouldn't eat it while she drove. So she turned on the car so the cold air could come out, and she opened her door to get out and put the stuff in the garbage.

That's when Bailey jumped out of the dogmobile. Ha! Mommy had to quick get out of the car to get Bailey. Except Bailey was so excited she forgot  how to get back in. So Mommy shut the front door so she could open the back one and stuff Bailey in. Except guess what? When she closed the front door, we locked all the doors!

Hahahaha! Now Mommy and Bailey were outside the car and me and Scout were inside the nice cool car. With the keys.

Mommy had to go find the extra key that she hid in the yard, then she had to go inside the house to find the spare dogmobile keys, then she had to open the dogmobile, then she had to put the spare dogmobile keys back in the house, then she had to go hide the extra house key. Then she had to stuff Bailey back into the dogmobile before me or Scout could jump out to see what was taking so long.

This was almost as exciting as the last time me and Scout got locked in the car and the car fixer guy had to come and let us out. That was pretty exciting.


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