Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Daddy's Day After Happy Birthday Day!

This is our Daddy. He made us yummy deer jerky.

Yesterday was Daddy's Happy Birthday Day. But he had to work all day so today we are going to celebrate!

First, me and Mommy are going to the animal shelter for a party called The Fast & The Furriest. She said I can come because I have been really naughty and I need some adventure to get rid of the naughties in my system.

Scout is staying home to puppy sit Bailey because she had an operation this week to take out some of her girl guts. She is on medicine that makes her very sleepy. Mommy says that Scout is calmer than me and he'll make sure she doesn't jump around like a wild maniac. 

Bailey has to take medicine that makes her very sleepy.
 Then when Daddy gets home from work today, we are going to have steaks for dinner and watch his favorite tv show and give him lots of snuggles. We might even play water dog with him and share a popsicle!

Daddy is the greatest Daddy that a puppy could ask for. And he makes the greatest venison dog treats. We ate two bags of them this week.

Yay for Daddy! Happy Birthday Daddy!


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