Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bandit is badder than bad and Bailey & Scout join him

There will be no pictures from our adventure today. Here is why.

Mommy said that us dogs needed a fun adventure together. So she said, Hey pups! Lets go to the park and romp in the creek!

So she loaded us dogs into the dogmobile in the driveway. Then she said, You know, I should have all three leashes on you dumb dogs so that when we get to the park no one runs away.

So she opened the door to put on our leashes. And we all jumped out of the dogmobile.

Scout got back inside pretty quick. Bailey stayed in the yard but she barked and barked. I said, See ya later, alligators! And I ran away.

Bailey followed me. Mommy said, Dammit Bandit! (That's my name, Mommy, don't wear it out.) Then she started the dogmobile and drove it out of the driveway. Bailey saw and came running and said, Mommy! Mommy! Let me in!

So Mommy scooped her up and locked her in. Then she parked the dogmobile, got a leash, and started walking to find me.

I cannot tell you where Mommy found me. All I can say is that I was not supposed to be there and I couldn't get out by myself.
You would think that Mommy would have just taken us home. But nope, she was still feeling adventurous. So we went to the park she took Scout a few weeks ago. She put Scout on a giant long leash and hooked him on a tree and told him to wait for her. She put me on a long, long leash that I can't chew and hooked me to a tree where I could get into the water. She hooked Bailey to a long leash and hooked her to a different tree so she could go into the water. Then she went back to the dogmobile to get the bottle of bubble fluid.

Scout decided he was bored so he unhooked his leash and went to visit some fishing guys. While Mommy went to chase him, I broke my collar and ran far away. While Mommy was trying to get both of us, Bailey got her leash caught on a rock and got stuck in the water. She was barking the entire time.

The fishing guys caught Scout and Mommy went and got him into the car. Then she unstuck Bailey and put her in the car.

But I am much faster and I had no collar or leash and it is a big park and there are a lot of smells to smell and I was not ready to go home. So I just ran around and had a great time while Mommy followed me.

Except I made one mistake. I really had to make a big pee. So when I stopped to do that, Mommy snuck up and got me. I got put into the dogmobile with Bailey and Scout.

Then Mommy went and found her shoes and her car keys and the bottle of bubbles and she got in the dogmobile and took us home.

For punishment, we all got bathed in the yard from the stinky creek water.

But it's not all bad! Mommy left us while she went to get dog food and when she came home she gave us new squeaky tennis balls!

So it was a pretty adventurous day even though we don't have any pictures to prove it. Except I don't think Mommy will be taking us to the park for a while.


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I think you might need to lie low for awhile.