Friday, June 3, 2011

Bandit and the baby bird

Guess what? When we went outside to play water dog, we had a visitor. There was a baby bird in our pool!

Hey, Baby Bird! Hop out of the pool so Mommy can put in fresh water.
Then you can get back in and play with us!

Mommy said that we could not dump out the icky water and fill the pool with new water untiil we helped Baby Bird find his mommy.

Mommy thought maybe we should ignore Baby Bird for a few minutes to see if he could jump out of the pool on his own. So we played bubbles.

But Baby Bird didn't jump out of the pool.

Poor Baby Bird. He is very sad because he can't find his mommy.

So we played catch. While we did that, Baby Bird's mommy came to get him. Hurry up! she said. Get out of the pool before those hairy monsters eat you!

Baby Bird hopped around in the pool but he could not hop high enough to get out.

So I went over to talk to Baby Bird. He was crying. Whaa! I miss my mommy! I am scared of you hairy monsters!

It's OK, Baby Bird! I asked my Mommy to come and help!

I told him, Don't worry, Baby Bird. We won't eat you! I'll get my Mommy and she will come and help you out. And if you can't find your own mommy, we can share our Mommy with you.

So I got Mommy and she came over and scooped Baby Bird out of the pool. Baby Bird hopped onto the ground and peeped his way down the driveway and across the street and found his mommy.

Yay for Baby Bird!

Mommy put new water in our pool and then put on the automatic water dogger and said that we were all good puppies because we didn't eat Baby Bird.

It's a good thing Murphy isn't allowed outside. Just in case you didn't know, cats like to eat birds. (Actually big birds also like to eat little birds. Remember that giant hawk that sometimes comes to eat birds out of the bird feeders? Blech. Bird guts are gross.)

So I made a new friend today and helped him find his mommy. It's definitely a popsicle day.


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