Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mommy takes Bandit and Scout for an adventure

"Mommy, just let us have a cheeseburger!"

Mommy decided that today was my adventure day, so we decided to go to visit Mike at his used bookstore in Spencerport. We left Bailey and Scout at home.

But when we got to the end of our street, Mommy decided that maybe Bailey should be in her crate since we might be gone for a while. So we turned around and went home. But when Mommy put Bailey in her crate, Scout snuck out of the house.

Mommy said, Oh who cares. Come on Scout and Bandit, let's go to the bookstore.

Hahaha! We went with Mommy and Bailey stayed home in her jail! Mommy said it's good for Bailey to learn to be home without us, and it was good for us three to have an adventure for old time's sake.

Just in case you didn't know, it is a long, long ride to Mike's used bookstore in Spencerport. Like eleventyfour hundred minutes. We got out of the car and some people pet and ooohed and aaaahed over us. But Mommy said maybe it was a bad idea for us to go into the store.

That's because Mike's used bookstore has fiftyleven million books in stacks all over the place, and he said we could only come in if we didn't knock something over.

Me and Scout had to wait in the car. Boring.

When Mommy was done she decided that we did not get the adventure she promised. So guess what we did? We went to see Daddy at Schallers!

Daddy makes the best cheeseburgers in the whole world.
 Yay! Me and Scout shared a cheeseburger and Mommy had some sweet potato fries and lots of people came out and said, Oh you are pretty dogs.

When we got home, Bailey was being a wild maniac because she didn't get to go with us. And she peed all over her crate. (See, Mommy. I told you it wasn't me!) So Mommy let Bailey loose, and she ran outside with me and Scout and us three dogs barked like crazy at the man next door mowing his lawn.

When Mommy said IN! IN! we know she meant Go into the house! But we are stinker dogs, so we said, OK, Mommy! We'll go in .. IN THE POOL!

So we got stinky wet and we had a barkfest and a cheeseburger and a long boring ride. It was a pretty good adventure.


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Julie said...

That sounds like a pretty good day!!