Friday, June 3, 2011

Today is National Donut Day (and we get donuts even though we've been bad dogs!)

Today is National Donut Day. Yay!

Mommy took us pups in the car while she went to the credit union to put Daddy's paycheck and her first paycheck into the money machine. Then we went to Dr. Hawkins' office and weighed ourselves on the weigh your own dog scale. (I weigh fortyleven pounds, Scout weighs thirtytwelveteen pounds, and Bailey weighs eleventyseven pounds.)

And then ... ta da! Tim Hortons!! You should know that Mr. Tim Horton did not give out free donuts today, even though the other donut makers did. That's OK because Mr. Tim Horton always gives out free donut holes to puppies! Mommy bought extra donut holes for us and a donut for herself and some coffee, which she got to drink while it was hot, which doesn't always happen because sometimes when we get home we jump out of the dogmobile and go visit the neighbors and by the time she gets us back to our own yard her coffee is cold.

So today was a Happy Donut Day!!


PS: you should know that we got donuts even though we were bad this week. Even Murphy. When Mommy went to work at her new job, she left Bailey out of the crate because Daddy wanted to experiment. Daddy, six hours is too many hours for us to not get into trouble. We ate some hamburg rolls. We ate a whole box of Buddy Biscuits. And Bailey peed and pooped in the house. It was great!

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