Monday, June 20, 2011

Bandit is writing a book

I like to read books, too. Sometimes I eat them if they are really good.
This is Cassie's book by Phil O-Sophy. He didn't write anything tasty.

Hi paw pals! Guess what? I am writing a book! Well, Mommy is helping me with the big words.

It is going to be a book for puppies about how to understand our people. Because people are very confusing. They use words we don't understand and they get mad at us for doing stuff puppies do.

Do you want to help me? I would like to know what the most confusing thing is that your people do or say. Then I will translate for you.

I am excited to write a book. Mommy says we need to get our tails in gear because she did not like going to work at an office and she does not want to have to try that again to pay the bills.


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