Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bandit helps out at the animal shelter for The Fast & The Furriest (pictures)

The Fast and the Furriest happens in the park. It's lots of fun for dogs and their people.

Today was a very special day because Mommy took me to work with her. Not to her real work, but her favorite Saturday work at the animal shelter.

It was a special day at the shelter called The Fast & The Furriest. It was a time when dogs brought their people to the park to run and walk and play and raise money for the animal shelter.

Me and Mommy went and visited our pals at the Camp Bow Wow booth (boo, Lindsay wasn't there) and then we visited Sherri at the Tails of Success booth (we like to romp with her, too).

Then I went into the shelter and helped Mommy and Pam and Robin do their work. We helped some dogs find furever homes.

"OK, sir, you are all set! Let me have someone bring you your two new beagles!"
"When you finish filling out these papers you can take a break, Bandit."

Everyone said I was a good dog. I got lots of pets. I peed on a few things. I barked some songs. I did a lot of tricks. I ate a lot of biscuits. I made a new pal named Nikki who brought in her mommy and daddy Bobby and Wendy. Mommy was friends with Bobby about fortyleven million years ago. They are both very old.

Pam the boss let me take a break from my office work to enjoy a Frosty Paws snack that a man in the park gave me. It was tasty.

Frosty Paws are treats for dogs. Not for mommies.

So the Fast and the Furriest is a lot of fun for dogs and their people! And the animal shelter is a nice place to come and find your new furry friend. You should definitely visit there because it is boring for the dogs waiting for homes. And there are eleventy billion cats that needs families, too.


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