Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday shopping spree (pictures)

This is me and my new squeaky tennis ball, and our new Kong tug toy.
 Mommy said today was my day to have an adventure, so we went to Country Max and bought some new toys. I got to pick out toys for me and Bailey and Scout.

I got a pack of squeaky tennis balls, which is my favorite toy. I picked out a Kong tug toy for Scout and another Kong Ballistic, too. And I got Bailey a new tail ball, since she wrecked the last one and it is her favorite toy.

Bailey loves this toy.
Scout loves this toy too!

On the way home, I took out all of the toys and played with the paper bag. Which in case you didn't know is a very good thing to play with. You can crinkle it and squish it and chew it.

When we got home, Mommy threw my three squeaky tennis balls into the back yard. Only two made it so we are already down one squeaky. Bailey almost chewed through the tail on her toy. Then she and Scout played tug, which was fun for about two minutes. Then Scout chewed up the Kong Ballistic.

This is the new Kong toy.  It is more fun if you share it with your brothers.
This is us playing yesterday. I just wanted you to see how handsome and pretty we are.
Especially when we are wet and stinky and dirty! HAHAHA!
So today was a great day. We spent some of Mommy's money, we played with some new toys, we wrecked some new toys, and then we played water dog.


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