Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bandit gets mad at Scout for not sharing

Scout was being a very bad boy this week and I am very mad at him.

He was lying on the floor in the living room chewing on a Nylabone so I went over and said, Give me that bone. But he didn't give it to me! He just kept chewing like I wasn't even there!

So I said, Give me that bone NOW. But he just smiled and kept on chewing.

So I started saying really loud, GimmeGimmeGimme!!! - which Mommy thinks is just barking - but Scout would not give me that bone.

Mommy came into the living room to see what was going on, and Scout just kept chewing his bone. And I said Mommy! Make him give me that bone now!

But do you know what Mommy did? She said, Good boy Scout! And then she told me to go find another toy to play with. She got on the floor and pulled out every other toy me and Scout have and put them in a big pile and told me to take my pick.

I told Mommy I wanted the bone that Scout was chewing, and she said, Too bad Bandit. You can't have everything you want.

And then she said, Good boy Scout! and went into the kitchen. And Scout just kept chewing on the bone.

So I am mad at Scout for not giving me the bone and I am mad at Mommy for taking his side.

But its OK. While Mommy was in the kitchen she was making us Kongs with peanut butter, so me and Scout got the same treats and everything ended up OK.


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Thursday, August 26, 2010

We get kicked out of the park, Happy Birthday Grandpa Art and Jared, and no leftovers for the pups

This is Cassie and her cousin Jared. Jared is 13 so he likes to
make funny faces. Look! He is almost as tall as Cassie!

Today me and Scout and Mommy went to the park to run around like wild animals. Except there was a camp for wild children going on down there. And after us pups had run around for only eleventeen minutes, the wild children needed to use our part of the park. So we got the boot.

Boo on wild children camp.

Then Mommy took us home and then she went out without us. And when she came home she smelled like dogs, which me and Scout do not like. So to make up for it she took us to Tim Hortons for coffee and Tim Bits. Yay for Mommy!

And then she took just me to the credit union to say hi to my friends. Guess what? I can almost jump over Tammy's counter to get to her box of biscuits. Pretty soon, Tammy! I'm practicing!

Then we all went home and Mommy and Daddy and Cassie went out to dinner with the whole doggone family except us dogs. Boo on that. They went out for a happy birthday dinner for Grandpa Art and for our cousin Jared.

They had dinner at a restaurant where a man in a funny hat whacks around the food and cooks right in the middle of the table. The funny man tells jokes while he cooks. He even made a big, big fire! That sounds like it would have been big fun.

Look out! The funny man is cooking right on the table!

Nana asked Mommy, "Will Bandit write about our dinner?" Nana, you have to bring us with you to dinner so I can write about it! I like to go to Schallers and eat french fries off of people's plates. You can bring Lilly and I'll write about that. It'll be great!

This is Grandpa and Nana. Grandpa Art turns
fortyleven this month. Happy Birthday, Grandpa Art!

Mommy brought home leftovers but none are for us. Boo on that, too, Mommy. We want to try birthday food that got cooked in a big fire right in the middle of the table.

Anyway, we got kicked out of the park but we got to have Tim Hortons and I got to take an adventure. So it was a good day. Tomorrow we'll probably have to nap for seventyleven hours to rest up!


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Monday, August 23, 2010

Once upon a time two bad men shot a dog. But there is a happy ending!

This is Sarge. Two very bad men put Sarge in a cage and
then shot at him with a gun. But the story has a happy ending!

Sometimes when Mommy is working, she reads to me and Scout. This week she read us a bad story.

The story is about two bad, stupid men who put a dog in a cage and then took turns shooting at the dog. With a gun!

The dog is named Sarge and he got six bullets in his body. But he didn't die. The police came and took Sarge to the shelter. The bad men got arrested.

Me and Scout think for punishment they should put the men into a cage and everyone should get to shoot guns at them for a while.

But guess what? Sarge got a happy ending to his story! This weekend he went to go live at a super nice place called Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.

Me and Scout get sad when we hear about dogs that don't get to live in nice houses with soft beds to sleep on and yards to run around in and mommies who stay home with them and daddies who bring them hamburgers and french fries.

If you have a dog, you should take special care of your dog, because he will take special care you too. And if you can't take special care of your dog, you should find someone else who can.

And just in case you didn't know, you should not put your dog into a cage and shoot at it with a gun.


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Friday, August 20, 2010

Wild Maniac Dogs!

Even though the pawjama party is over, we have some good memories with these videos and pictures of me and Dali playing Wild Maniac Dogs!!

Guess what? We are not dancing. We are wrestling!

Here is how you play Wrestlemania with your cousin:

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Our pawjama party is almost over

Scout, Dali and Bandit, the three amigos

Well, it's almost time for our pawjama party to be over. We had some good times with our cousin Dali over the past two days.

Mostly, we were super good dogs. We played nice, we slept nicely in our jail cells, and no one pooped in the house. Mommy played puppy school with us and even Dali did sit, say come the right way. We didn't even beat Murphy up too much!

So Mommy said we can have another pawajama party again sometime.

But since this party is almost over us dogs decided to have ourselves one last barkfest. Sasha and Steeley were out, and Kona and Killian were out, so we barked and barked and barked. Even Dali helped! Mommy tried to get us to go in the house and shut up but, Sorry, Mommy! We're barking too loud to hear you!

Hahaha, that was fun. Mommy said we caused something called pandamonium. I didn't see any pandas out in the yard but I'll bet if they were there they would have had a good time with us.

The only part of the pawjama party that I didn't like was all the times Dali tried to steal my snuggles with Mommy. I would go to Mommy and make her pet me, and then Dali would come over and push me out of the way and steal my snuggles spot! And whenever Mommy was sitting at her computer, Dali would lie down right under her feet and not let me get near her.

Scout says I am just getting a taste of my own medicine. I don't know what that means, but I will be glad when I don't have anyone to fight for Mommy-time except Scout.

Anyway, if you have never invited your cousin to sleep over, you should really do it. It's lots of fun!


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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Me and Dail had to sleep in jail. Boo on that.

Dali and me take a break from playing wild crazy wrestling dogs last night

Dali slept over last night so her mommy could go to Massachusetts for Aunt Rosemary's goodbye to heaven party because our Mommy is still having a hurting back and can't ride in the car.

We had some fun last night!

After Dali took a shower with Mommy - hahahaha! Dali got right in the shower with Mommy! Surprise, Mommy! - we played for a while and then we went to bed.

Well, me and Dali went to jail, actually. Here is what happened.  

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're having a Pawjama Party!

Us three amigos, back in April. That's Dali in the middle.

Yay! Our cousin Dali is going to sleep tonight!

Cassie is going to a funeral in Massachusetts and Mommy's back is still too hurting to sit that long in the car. So she is going to stay home and dog sit.

That means that me and Scout and Dali can run around the yard and play Wrestlemania for two whole days! There will probably be some peeing on things, too.

Here is how you get ready for a Pawjama Party with your cousin.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Scout loves to play bubbles

If you're looking for something fun to play, try playing bubbles! Have your mommy blow the bubbles and then you can run around the catch them. It's lots of fun!


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Monday, August 16, 2010

This puppy must be a Republican

Opie must be a Republican because he doesn't want any treats from President Barack Obama. Just treats from his mommy and his daddy.

I wonder if President Barack Obama gives his own dog really good treats, like carrots or cheese doodles or hot dogs. I'll bet he doesn't give Bo good treats because Bo spends a lot of time with men in suits. So he probably has to have broccoli. Blech.

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Bo Obama goes on vacation to Florida. How come we don't go anywhere?

Our big excitement is waiting for Daddy to come home from work.

So Bo Obama went to Florida with the President and his family for a vacation. He probably got to fly on Air Force One again. Lucky dog. We never get to go anywhere.

Scout says that before I came along we used to get to go to camp and swim in the pond. I've only been to camp one time and Uncle Artie yelled at me the whole time because I kept trying to eat off the table. Boo on that.

I think Mommy and Daddy should take me and Scout and Cassie and Dali on a vacation to the beach. We would have lots of fun playing ocean water dog. Mommy could rest her back and read books and get a suntan. Daddy could fish. Cassie could suntan, too. And us dogs would romp and romp and romp!!

Bandit, who is having a boring summer

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to be a P.I.T.A puppy

Mommy said that today I am being a P.I.T.A. pup. That stands for

A-place where you sit down.

I must be doing a good job today because Mommy's back hurts her so much she can hardly sit down.

Here is how you know if you are a P.I.T.A puppy:

- do you bark to go outside and then bark to come inside and then bark to go outside and then bark to come inside? A lot?

- do you chew up all of the lids to your mommy's Tupperware containers or steal silverware out of the sink and leave the forks on the couch so when your mommy sits down she gets poked in the legs?

- do you play Wrestlemania with your puppy brother or the cat until someone starts to cry and your mommy has to untangle you?

- do you wait till your mommy lays down on the couch and then stick your cold, wet nose in her ear and then jump on her head?

You might be a P.I.T.A. puppy, because I did that stuff today. Mommy said Scout has also been a P.I.T.A. puppy because he has been barking at our friends and going in and out and trying to get Mommy to play bubbles with him.

But Mommy said once we got our wiggles worked out we calmed down and have been very good boys all afternoon. So I guess we are only morning P.I.T.A. puppies.

Mommy had to take a make-your-back-not-hurt pill and those pills make her sleepy. So I am going to lie down like a good puppy and take a nap and maybe when Mommy wakes up we can play a game.


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Playing puppy school

We like to play Wrestlemania with Murphy.

It's another hot day today so Mommy played puppy school inside the house with me and Scout and Murphy. Here's how you play puppy school.

First, you get a good treat that puppies will love. We had hard boiled eggs today. But sometimes we play with hot dogs.

Then you make your puppies go into the kitchen and you tell them, Sit!

Then you tell them, Stay!

Then you walk into the living room and wait a few seconds and say, Come here puppies!

And when the puppies come running and sit at your feet, you give them some egg treat.

Today even Murphy played puppy school. He sat in the kitchen like a statue dog with me and Scout, and when Mommy called Come! all three of us raced to the living room for a treat.

Puppy school is a good game to play in the house when it is very hot outside. And when you're done, you can go eat another good book or play Wrestlemania and then take a nap.


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Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot, rainy days and Wrestlemania

Today Mommy's back hurt, and it was hot and rainy outside. So it was a good day for us puppies to stay in the air conditioning and eat a good book.

I also learned today that if your Mommy lies down on the floor it is probably not because she wants to play Wrestlemania with you. You can play Wrestlemania with your puppy brother and the cat. But most mommies do not like to have dogs jumping on their head and tummy or biting their ears.

Just in case you didn't know.


PS: Did you know that Mommy's cousin Justin is a professional wrestler? He gets to whomp around on people in front of an audience! But I don't know if he is allowed to bite their ears. I probably would not want to play Wrestlemania with Justin. I think he would beat me.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grandma, bunnies and new friends

Me, Dali and Scout playing at Grandma's house

Today was the greatest day me and Scout have had in a long time. We went to Grandma's to play with Dali. We chased the ball and played water dog and had some fun.

Then some exciting stuff happened!

First, we found bunnies! Grandma didn't even know she had baby bunnies living in her yard until they ran across the grass and we chased them. Well, Scout and Dali chased them and I chased Scout because there were three dogs and only two bunnies.

This is one of the baby bunnies we found today. He was small
enough that Mommy could hold him in one hand

And then guess what happened? It's not good.

Dali caught a baby bunny. She had the baby bunny by the leg and the bunny was screaming. I'll bet you didn't know baby bunnies could scream. But they can. We heard it.

Mommy ran over and got the baby bunny away from Dali and carried it around while we all calmed down from the excitement. Mommy held the baby bunny for a while and petted it and talked mommy-talk to it, and then she put it on the ground and the baby bunny hopped away really fast. So the bunny was safe and sound.

And then Scout ran away to visit the neighbors across the street and then he brought all the people back with him! It was a party in Grandma's yard! A cool dog named Q came over with his mommy Cat (she's not a kitty cat, she's a people Cat) and Jeannie and Jeannie's daughter and Cat and Jeannie's mommy and aunt.

Q was so excited he had something called a seizure, which isn't good. His mommy sat with him for a few minutes, and then he popped up and went back to sniffing and playing! Yay! All the people just talked and talked and us dogs just sniffed and sniffed. Which is pretty much the same thing.

Dali and Q say hello

Scout says hello to the people

Q says hello to me, but I said, Hey Jeannie,
give me some food from your grocery bag!

After the neighbor and dog reunion, me and Scout and Dali went back to playing. Except Dali needs to go back to puppy kindergarten because I think she was sick the day they taught about how to share your toys and not jump on your cousins. So me and Scout told Dali we didn't want to play with her any more because she was being a meanie.

If you are a dog, this is how you say to another dog,
Leave me alone and quit jumping on me or else!

So Scout ran away again. He went way into Grandma's back yard and then into the creek and Mommy thinks maybe he went to the houses back there and visited the people. I went with Scout this time except I stayed on Grandma's side of the creek because there was some good poop to sniff.

So Scout was all wet from the creek water and I had poop on my paws.

Then Mommy said Time to go home, you monster dogs!

It sounded like she was mad but she wasn't. She was just joking. She even took us to Tim Horton's for Tim Bits.

And that's the end of the story for today. We found some bunnies and played water dog at Grandma's and made some new friends and went to vist Tim Horton. And no one got hurt too much so it was a great day.

Except Mommy said we need baths because me and Scout are the stinkiest dogs on God's whole earth. Oh well. It was worth it.


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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bandit passes his therapy dog test

Guess what? I passed my test today! Now I am a therapy dog, just like my big brother Scout.

The test was a little different than I expected. There were a lot of new people at my classroom, not just me and Annie from our class. And Mommy had to fill out a bazillion papers and there was a lot of stuff for me to smell. So I was very curious and nosy.

But I really liked the lady who did the test. Her name was Joan. In practice, I was calm and looked at Mommy all the time. In the test, I was calm, but I liked listening to Joan a lot, too. And when she came over to pet me, I got up and gave her a monster snuggle.

Which I probably was not supposed to do. It's a good thing my fur was nice and soft from my bath because I think she liked it when I rubbed on her legs like a cat.

Anyway, someone had some very smelly biscuits that they left next to my testing spot, so I was very focused on those when we did the sit, stay, come part of the test. Mommy was nervous that when she called me I would go for the biscuits instead of her, because I was pretty much ignoring her. But nope. When she called my name, I ran right to my mommy.

I'm no dummy. Mommy always has the best treats.

There was one part of the test Mommy was afraid I would fail. Joan took a biscuit and waved it under my nose and said, Bandit I have a cookie. Do you see the cookie? And then she threw the cookie and I had to walk by and not eat it.

I'll bet you think I ate the cookie, don't you?

Well,  you are wrong! Because I walked right by it!

So I passed my test and everyone clapped and Kathy gave me a big biscuit and me and Mommy went to the pet store on the way home to get cat food and my friends there gave me a biscuit, too. Then we went home and took a nap.


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