Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The return of the ghost puppy

Mommy went into the living room today and found that someone had put dirt and mud on the couch. I got blamed because I sleep on the couch the most. But we all know who did it.

It was the ghost puppy.

Me and Scout don't know why Mommy was mad. We think it looks prettier like this.


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Monday, November 29, 2010

How bad is a bad dog?

Mommy was talking to a nice lady today who adopted a dog from the animal shelter. The dog is a pretty dog that might be a Border Collie or he might be an Australian Shepherd or it might be a mix of both. But he is a busy dog like me. His name was Jack.

The first people who adopted Jack a couple of weeks ago brought him back this weekend. They said he was wearing them down. Hahaha! He's a Border Collie! You're going to wear down before he will!

Anyway, Jack already found a new home! The nice lady who adopted him called Mommy to talk about what she should expect. Mommy told her that Jack is a lot like me, which I think means he is a PITA pup. You know, Pain In The Place Where You Sit Down. But it also must mean he's smart and handsome and snuggly.

Snuggly is the best part, of course.

Mommy said the lady is a little nervous about Jack being a busy dog and Mommy didn't help make her feel any better. Mommy always tells people who want to get  Border Collies to have their heads examined first because you have be kind of crazy to live with a crazy dog. Plus, busy dogs can be naughty dogs. But they can also be the best dogs in the world.

Here are some bad things I do:

I eat poop.
I chew tupperware lids.
I lick the dishes in the sink and eat food off the counters.
I bark.
I steal paper from Mommy's desk and shred it all into little pieces.
I chew socks.
I play Wild Maniac Dog.
I chew slippers.
I chew carpets.
I bark some more.

Here are some good things I do:

I give Mommy kisses.
I play catch.
I snuggle.
I stay out of the garbage.
I go potty outside.
I sing songs for Mommy.
I play nice with my puppy brother, Scout.
I play nice with my kitty brother, Murphy.
I keep Mommy's feet warm at night.
I help herd the chickens back into their pen and I don't bite anyone, not even cranky Mrs. Beasley.
I stay in my crate like a good boy when Mommy goes out.
I play puppy school and do all of my obedience commands.
I visit Aunt Rene's day care for children and let little children pull my tail.
I play nice at Camp Bow Wow and get A+++ on my report card.
I do the Daddy's Home Dance when Daddy comes home and make him feel special.

Mommy says the good stuff waaaay outweighs the bad stuff, and that one good puppy snuggle covers a multitude of chewed up socks.

So I hope that nice lady gives Jack the collie a chance. PITA puppies are definitely worth the work!


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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (and how to sneak an apple pie when your mommy isn't looking)

Today is Thanksgiving! Yay!

This is Tom. He's a turkey. I'm pretty sure that when Mommy invited him he knew he was going to be the main course. First Mommy gave him a bath in the kitchen sink. Then she stuffed some onions and celery up his butt. Then she plopped him into a giant pan and stuck him in the oven.

While Mommy did that, I helped by shredding up some paper towel in case she needed them. I also ate a whole stick of butter, which was not helpful but it tasted good.

Then Scout did a bad thing. He stole a dish towel and shook it up and chewed it! Scout! The good dog did something bad! Who would have guessed?

So I figured I'd help him be badder. We played tug of war and wrecked the towel. It was great.

Mommy couldn't set the table until it was just time to eat because Murphy was sleeping up there.

Then Grandma came. Yay!! Me and Scout were so happy to see her we jumped on her. Which we are not supposed to do. But we missed her. And she had pie in her hands. I like pie.

Then everyone sat down to dinner. Mommy, Daddy and Grandma. Me and Scout were good. Murphy kept jumping on the table and Mommy kept shoving him off. I tried to tell Murphy that isn't how you get fed at dinner. You have to wait until everyone is almost all done eating, and then give everyone the sad puppy face.

I went to Grandma and said, "Hello, Grandma. You're the best Grandma. Can I help you finish anything on your plate?" And Scout went to Daddy and said, "Psst. How about sneaking me a piece of turkey when Mommy isn't looking?"

Mommy washed the dishes and made coffee, and Murphy helped Grandma crochet. Me and Scout had some turkey in our Kongs.

And then came the best part: DESSERT! Murphy sat at the table with Daddy and Grandma.

Remember, I already tasted the pie crusts yesterday. But I was definitely going to get some pie today. Here is how you sneak pie.

First, you pretend like the turkey you just ate made you very tired. You sit by your mommy and let your eyelids open and close and open and close and then you lie down and yawn like you are so tired you can't stay awake any more.

Your mommy will think that you are sound asleep. But when she gets up to fill the coffee, that's when you make your move! Quick, eat as much pie as you can before Mommy gets back!

When Mommy comes back she says, "BANDIT! You bad dog! Wait, let me take a picture."

And then you eat some more. Mommy cut out the parts of the pie with dog spit and she let the chickens eat them. She let me and Scout have a few more nibbles too, since Scout didn't get any pie. It was pretty good apple pie. I think the dog licks on the pie crust helped a lot.

And that's how our Thanksgiving went today! Grandma went home to take a nap. Daddy is watching football. Mommy is getting ready to take a nap. Cassie didn't even come over because she had to work tonight. Me and Scout had turkey and pie. It was a great day!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

How much whine does a dog need?

Mommy says I am being whiney. That's because I have spent a lot of time today sitting at the door whining and barking and yipping. When Mommy comes to let me out, I just sit there and look at her. I don't want to go out because I have to go potty.


Scout can't romp because his leg is still ouchy. I sent Dali home because she was being bossy. Murphy is sleeping on the kitchen table. Daddy is hunting. And Mommy is trying to write a story.

The only way I can get Mommy's attention is to sit at the door and make noise. Yip! Yip!

I want someone to play with me! Someone play with me now! Pleeeeeeeeeze.


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dr Mommy takes care of the animals

This is me, checking in at Camp Bow Wow.
Sign me up for some fun, please!

Today Mommy played Dr Mommy for Scout and Dali while I went to Camp Bow Wow and had adventures. Scout's hip is still ouchy, so he can't run and play. And Dali came over to our house after her fixing surgery and paw surgery.

Which meant I was going to have a boring day if I stayed home.

First, Mommy and me went to Aunt Rene's day camp for children to bring her some eggs. The kids were very touchy today. They pulled my tail and squished my face and one kid bonked me in the head with a plastic bat.

Then I went to day camp for dogs. My friends Weegee and Diego weren't there today but there were enough other dogs to have some good times. Lindsey told Mommy I played with my girlfriend Trixie. Blech. Girlfriends are blechy, except for Mommy. Trixie is just my pal. Like Abby. 

While I was at camp, Mommy did not go home and watch me on the spy camera like she usually does.

Instead she went to the store, picked Dali up from Dr Bs and brought her to our house, gave Dali and Scout medicine, warmed Scout's bed in the dryer so his hips would feel better, and did some other Dr Mommy type stuff. Then she picked me up from camp and went home to pick up diarrhea poop because Dali was sick in the house. Poor Dali.

I've been a super good boy. I didn't make any mess or cause any problems at all all day. But Dali went into the basement and stuck her whole head in Murphy's litter box and came up with litter box stuff all over her face. Ick, Dali! We're not allowed in the basement! Her Mommy wiped her face with baby wipes.

Scout fell sound asleep on the couch. He snuggled under the blankies like a baby. I hope he feels better soon. I need someone to wrestle with.

The good part of being home with sick dogs is that we got rice and beef for dinner. Yummy.

Anyway, Mommy gets to play Dr. Mommy again tomorrow. Dali has tranquilizers to keep her calm. Scout has medicine to make his hip not ouchy. Mommy asked the vet is she could have some sleeping pills for all the dogs and a few for herself, too. Hahaha, Mommy! You're so funny.

Bandit, the goodest dog of the day

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Scout ouched his hip today

This is my brother Scout. He ouched his hip
when he slipped on the wet leaves.

My poor puppy brother Scout got ouched today. We were running around the yard playing catch with Mommy and Scout slid on the wet leaves on the driveway. Then he started chewing on his leg and his tail, and chewing and chewing and saying, "Mommy! Help! Something is ouchy on my leg!"

He couldn't walk without stopping to chew on his leg, so Mommy took Scout to see the doctor.

Dr. B was busy because today Dali went in to get fixed and Dr B was the fixer doctor. I don't know what was broken, but Dr B will fix her right up. And Dr. Hawkins is out of work having her baby (I hope it's a puppy!), so Scout saw Dr. Herrema.

When Scout got to the doctor he stopped chewing and pretended like nothing was wrong because he didn't want to get poked with needles. Mommy thought Scout was faking and maybe he didn't need to see the doctor. But she waited anyway.

Dr. Herrema didn't give Scout needles, which was good. He did check out Scout's legs really good though to see where it hurt. And Scout wasn't faking.

Dr. Herrema decided that Scout maybe has been having ouchy hips for a little while and today he ouched it more when he slipped. So Scout has to take some un-ouching medicine and rest for a week. No running or jumping or wrestling.

Which is good because Dali is coming to stay with us after she gets fixed and she has to rest, too. No running or jumping or wrestling for her either.

So everyone has to rest except me. I think things are going to be boring around here for a while.


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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bandit goes to day camp and Scout is glad

Today the fence guys came to make noise in the backyard, so Mommy sent me to Camp Bow Wow for a while to have some romping time with my friends instead of having barking time with Scout.

Scout doesn't like going to camp because he only likes a few dogs at one time. Ninetyleven dogs is too many for him. But not for me!

I got to see my best friend, Lindsay. She works at Camp Bow Wow. She has biscuits. She loves me.

Yay, Lindsay! I love you, too!!

Mommy got to watch me playing with some of my camp pals on the secret spy cameras.

I played at camp with my pals Diego and Weegee and sang songs and played in the water dish (which is not a bad thing at camp!). When it was time to go home, I got a report card that said I was a good boy. I got 5 Tail Wags, which is like an A+.

Lindsay should have marked my report card with "I had so much fun playing at camp, I need to go home and take a nap" because I fell asleep in the car on the way home. I was too tired to put my tongue in my mouth.

Scout likes alone time with Mommy. I found out later that while I was at camp he got to sit in the navigator seat in the dogmobile and tell Mommy how to drive. Hey, that's my job! He also told me Mommy took him to the park to play fetch without me. Boo.

When I left for camp, this is how the fence looked.

When I got home, this is how the fence looked! Hey, we can't see Sasha and Steeley or Kona and Killian anymore! Someone forgot to put a dog window in the fence!

So I have a great day even though I came home and found out we can't see our pals through the fence anymore. Lindsay said I should come back to camp next week and that Scout should come on a slow day when there are only maybe eleventeen dogs there so he isn't scared.

You should ask your mommy if you can go to camp. Dogs need romping time.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Scout and Bandit go to a party

Today was a romping party at Tails of Success.

Me and Scout got to go to a party today for Tails of Success. They are celebrating their new big, giant dog school, so Mommy went so she can write about it on the BarkAroundTown.com blog. But dogs can also go there to romp with their friends!

Today was a romping party. There was a table with lots of treats, but you should know that it was not a buffet. You were supposed to wait til your mommy gave you a treat. Even if you already had your head in the biscuit basket and picked out a few for yourself, you couldn't eat them til your mommy said it was OK.

Scout doesn't like romping parties too much. He sniffed a few butts but it was too noisy and busy. He doesn't like it at our regular romping place either. I sniffed some butts today, too, but I was more interested in all of the food. It's a good place to go romp with your friends. They have lots of room to run and happy people who work there.

Mommy needs to learn how to take pictures faster.

We didn't stay for a long time because Scout wanted to GO! RIGHT! NOW! and I was messing up all of the tables, but I had lots of fun. And we got to take home some tasty cupcake treats from A Barker's Dozen. We ate them in the car.

Then me and Scout went home and wrestled for a while, and then I barked for a while for no reason. It was a good day.


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