Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waiting for a sweater in 2009

OK, you know that on Monday, I ate a hole in Mommy's new sweater. Mommy says that yarn that went into me has to come out of me, otherwise it'll clog up my insides and I'll have to go to the hospital again and have xrays taken of my guts to see what's inside there, like that time I ate the cat toy and was sick all over.

So for the past few days, Mommy has been following me around when I go potty to see if there's any yarn in there.

Mommy keeps saying, Bandit, do you have to go potty? Maybe you can poop out that sweater so I can stop worrying.

I'm doing my best, Mommy, but so far no sweater.

I started to wonder if I actually even ate the sweater, so I looked at her sleeve - yup, that hole looks like my work. Gee, I don't feel like I have a sweater in my belly, but if it went in and hasn't come out it must be in there somewhere.

So that's how me and Mommy are ending 2009, just waiting for the sweater to show up.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Guess who?? Snow puppies!!!

OK, can you guess who this is?

It's me, Bandit! Did I fool you?

Hahaha, it's snowing a lot and me and Scout have been outside playing!! I got covered in so much snow I looked like a snowball with a tail!

Me and Scout are having tons of fun in the snow. Mommy says it is definitely not fun. But since Scout is having more fun than he has had in a very long time she said she will suffer and go outside and play Snow Momster until we have to go to the vet to get our shots.

But then Mommy made us come in because I was shivering so much that even my whiskers shivered.

Look at Scout! He's making Snow Puppy Angels!

You should go outside and play Snow Momster with your puppy today. Your puppy will love you for it.

In fact, if your puppies are good at the vet getting shots in their behinds, like me and Scout were today, you should take them to our friend Tim Hortons for a Tim Bit, like Mommy did for us today.

So go play in the snow and then go get coffee and donuts with your puppies! Happy Snow Day!

Love, Bandit

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas! Happy Snow Day!

Merry Christmas, everyone!! I know you've been wondering what me and Scout have been up to the last week.

On Christmas eve, Mommy and Daddy left us alone again - I was not happy at all because Mommy left me alone in the afternoon! When they came home I was so excited I couldn't calm down. I was jumping on Mommy for about twenty hundred minutes and I had to take a break and drink a whole bowl of water before I started jumping on her again.

In fact, after a few hours when we were all tucked into bed, I was still panting and my heart was beating really fast - even while I was sleeping - that Daddy and Mommy were worried. So I went back to see my friends at the animal hospital.

Really, I was happy because I was hoping to see Santa again because I forgot to tell him that me and Scout needed new beds.

I got to see my new friend, Dr .... rats, I forgot her name. But guess what? She can't hear with her ears! She told Mommy she had to read her lips, but since I can talk with my mind - Ta da! Super Electro Dog! - she and I had a great conversation. She made me do some tricks and walk around the room; she told me she wanted to make sure I wasn't hurting somewhere and that's why I was panting.

She said I was fine, that I was just way too overexcited. Unless I had something called a seizure when I was in the crate but there was no way to know. So she said go home and call her if we had a problem. So we went home and snuggled and fell asleep.

The bad thing was that Santa wasn't at the hospital. The good thing was that he knew we needed beds because when we got up in the morning? NEW BEDS!! AND TOYS!!!

So we stayed home all day on Christmas Day and Mommy and Daddy watched movies and ate food and relaxed the whole day. Cassie came over and then her boyfriend came over later.

So that was our Christmas.

Since then, Mommy has worked almost not at all, which is great! The chickens are out of their coop when it's nice, and that's fun. They're goofy to watch. Mommy took video of them.

Yesterday, I ate the sleeve on Mommy's new sweater so now she has to watch me to make sure it all comes out, if you know what I mean. We have to got to the vet tomorrow anyway to get shots so I can go play at Camp Bow Wow and we have to get flu shots. So I figured since we were going anyway, I might as well give them another surprise.

Oh, and guess what? I wrote Mommy's column for the Christian Voice Magazine! It'll be in the February magazine. Mommy was taking a nap and I figured I'd help her out and give her a rest. I'm nice like that.

So anyway, that's about it. Now we get ready for the new year!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas letter to Grandma

Dear Grandma!!!! Thank you for the toys!!!!

Santa is coming tonight and me and Scout have been good. Well, mostly good. I have been eating a lot of poop this week so Mommy isn't very happy with me.

Well, you know what? I'm not very happy with her either. She keeps leaving me alone and I Do. Not. Like. That. So I have been getting in her car and not getting out. We'll see who gets left alone now!!! Hahaha!!

By the way, Mommy took me to the post office today, which was fun. I got to get up and see inside where the mailpeople play with our letters before they bring them to our house. Did you know that there is a dog that works at the post office?

Also, just in case you didn't know, you are NOT supposed to open all of the presents under the Christmas tree and throw the paper around the living room until Christmas morning. I learned that the hard way. You are not even supposed to sniff the presents because you might be tempted to open them and Mommy does not have enough tape to wrap everything up again.

Anyway, I have to go help Murphy rearrange the presents under the tree so Santa has more room to leave more stuff!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you A WHOLE LOT!!!!!
Love Bandit (and Scout and Murphy!)

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Friday, December 18, 2009

VIDEO: Tricky Bandit plays with the cat's toy

Bandit here! Mommy said that our readers might like a peek at what it's like to live all day with two border collies and a cat. Even if it is only a two-minute peek:

If Mommy would just go outside and play with us, she wouldn't have to think up tricky things for us to play with all day. But she said 10 degrees is too cold for any Mommy to be outside (Really, Mommy? Too cold even for an Eskimo Mommy?).

She also said she should have had her head examined for getting another dog. I don't know what that means, unless maybe she's starting to go crazy and me and Scout have to watch to make sure she doesn't start walking into the walls?

Anyway, hahaha! Isn't this a funny video? Mommy thought she was being tricky letting me play with the cat toy, but I tricked her, didn't I? You can't out trick a trickster! If she wants to keep us busy in the house she's going to have to come up with something better than that!

Love, Bandit

PS: do you like Mommy's new slippers? When she took a nap the other day me and Scout went shopping and got them for her.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow! Snow!! Snow!!!!

Bandit here! IT SNOWED!!

It snowed yesterday morning and it snowed yesterday during naptime and it snowed during dinner and it snowed while we slept.


There is snow up to my ankles. Mommy played Incredible Snow Momster with us last night. It's a fun game. Mommy throws snow balls and we try to get the snowball in our mouth and then bite really hard and snow flies everywhere.


Mommy said she is too darned cold to keep playing Snow Momster and is staying inside. But me and Scout are outside playing. Mommy will come out later to see what we're up to and then we'll make her play Snow Momster again by herding her into the back yard.

Or sometimes we sit at the door and stare at her, sending her thinking thoughts that say, Mommy. Come here right now Mommy. Play with your puppies right now Mommy. This is your brain telling you to go outside right now Mommy.

Sometimes it pays to be a border collie.


Anyway, I hope it SNOWED where you are and you have a Mommy who will play Incredible Snow Momster with you!!


Love, Bandit

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Me and Mommy play Mystery Barf

Bandit here!

Last night me and Mommy played a game I like to call Mystery Barf. Here's how it works:

During the day, I eat something that I know will make me sick. Then, during the night, I throw up what I ate. The trick is for Mommy to find out what I barfed up before I eat the evidence.

Last night was even trickier because Mommy was wearing new earplugs. I was afraid she wasn't going to hear me and that I would be throwing up for nothing.

But ta da! The earplugs might drown out the sound of a daddy snoring but they do not drown out the sound of a doggy barfing!

When she heard me, Mommy yanked her earplugs out of her ears, jumped out of bed, and ran to my crate. Too late. The mystery barf was already gone.

Round 1 goes to Bandit!

Mommy got me out so she could wipe up the leftover mess. I got into her bed to wait and then when she was done I got back into my crate.

Then we both waited to see if there would be a Round 2 of the game.

But I didn't need to throw up again because Mommy thought that while I was in her bed I had eaten her earplugs because she couldn't find them.

They look like little pink marshmallows, and if I had seen them you know I would have eaten them. But I must have missed them. Rats. That would have been fun to eat the earplugs and have Mommy find them when I threw up.

But it didn't even matter! Because Mommy was so worried about a) what I had already barfed and b) that I had eaten something else to barf, that she spent the rest of the night watching me and checking on me.

Which is exactly what I wanted her to do.

Game over! Bandit is the big winner again!

In the morning, Mommy found her earplugs, I ate breakfast and didn't throw up anything else, and Scout was a good boy like always.

And that's how me and Mommy played games all night.


PS: Bandit here! Guess what? I just pooped out another cat toy! I forgot I even ate that. More bonus points for me!!!

At least I didn't have to go to the hospital like I did the last time I ate a cat toy and had to go to the emergency room. That was my first trip to the emergency room, not the time I ate Mommy's inhaler. Here, you can read what Mommy wrote and even see pictures of my inside guts! This was before I learned how to use her computer:

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Scout and Bandit: Should we get another puppy?

Dear Scout,

We have a dog named Buster. He's a good dog and he's been with us for 4 years. Our friend's dog just had puppies and we thought we would bring one home as a playmate for Buster! Since you got a new brother this year, we thought you could tell us what you think about that idea.

Buster's mommy and daddy

* * * * *

Dear Buster's mommy and daddy,

Gee, you must not like Buster very much. Or he's been a really bad dog and you're giving him the worst punishment you can think of.

Don't get another puppy! A puppy brother will bite Buster and eat his food and sleep in his bed and steal all of his toys. A new puppy brother will take all of the attention away from Buster because the new puppy will be soooo cuuuute! (barf) and Buster will just be the same old Buster.

Of course, you probably already have the new puppy picked out and named, so I don't know why you bothered to ask my advice. Tell Buster to write to me and I'll help him figure out what to do when the new puppy takes over his life and makes him want to pack up his Milk Bones and head for the hills.


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Christmas trees and six degrees of Bandit

Bandit here! You are not going to believe what happened this weekend. Two really spooky things.

First, Mommy and Daddy went to a party on Saturday and did not take us. I am still mad about that. But when they got home they took me and Scout for an adventure. We went to Mr. Tim Swaglers' house, where he had a bazillion gazillion trees all for sale. We sniffed around for a while and then Daddy and Mommy found one they said they liked a lot. (Look at this picture of Mommy and me and Scout at Mr. Swaglers. Look at how big the trees are!)

Then they bought it! I didn't know why. We have some trees in our yard already and we don't have a lot of room for more.

Well, while Mr. Swagler was tying up the tree, he and Mommy started talking about his Border collie that is having puppies in January. And you are NOT going to believe this. Do you know who the daddy doggie of those puppies is?

My doggie daddy!

I know you think I'm kidding but I am not.

My doggie daddy is Sam, from Gentle Shepherd Farms, where I lived with my good friend Kim before my Mommy fell in love with me and brought me home.

And we already know that me and Scout are related.

So I have some more half brothers and sisters being born right up the road. Family everywhere! Mommy says we should play a game called Six Degrees of Bandit and see who else I'm related to.

OK, then the second thing that happened was that when we got home, Daddy brought the tree right into the house. Right into the living room! And Mommy didn't even get mad.

Scout said the tree is so that Santa can leave us presents under it on Christmas Eve. He also said I am not to potty on that tree. Even though we peed on a few trees at Mr. Swaglers.

I helped Daddy set up the tree on Saturday. Look, what a big help I am:

Yesterday, while Daddy went hunting, Mommy put a whole bunch of twinkly lights on the tree and then some sparkly balls that I am not supposed to play with. Murphy plays with them, though. He better watch out because Santa is still making his naughty list.

Doesn't the tree look pretty?

So anyway, Daddy brought a tree right into the house this weekend and I found out that I am related to almost everyone in the world.

Love, Bandit

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Santa - for Mommy

Dear Santa,

Please bring Mommy the Chipmunk's Christmas CD. She's been singing Christmas carols all day and we think the Chipmunks would be an improvement.

Love, Scout and Bandit

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Chat with Santa: Is Santa in financial trouble?

Bandit here.

Mommy read a press release today about a website where you can chat with Santa, right from the North Pole. You call a phone number and watch Santa answer the phone and talk to your kids (or dogs) on your computer.

But it costs money to do it.

So I have a question: is Santa having financial troubles?

It must cost a lot to make toys for all the girls and boys and dogs. Does he get paid for those appearances he makes at the department stores and animal hospitals? Does Santa have an off season job?

Maybe we need to have a fundraiser for Santa. Maybe he needs money and that's why all of his helpers wear stockings. Maybe they don't like having cold legs. Maybe they just don't have enough money to buy pants.

Wait, Mommy just told me that part of the money kids pay to talk to Santa goes to help the SPCA, which is a thing that helps animals. Oh, that's nice! Our cat brother Murphy came from Lollypop Farm, which is part of the Humane Society. So it's nice that Santa is helping animals!

And Mommy says it costs money to set up the special space age telephone system from the North Pole to your computer, so some of the money pays for that.

OK, it all makes sense now!

I don't need to call Santa, because I already saw him when he was in town. He's a personal friend. But if you want to talk to Santa, here's the info (Mommy, can you write this part for me?):

Visit this website to Chat with Santa: You can get a daily pass for $2.95 24 hours, or a season pass for $9.95 that lets you can talk to Santa all you want until December 23.

Thanks, Mommy!

But I still have a question: Where exactly does Santa get the money to run the North Pole anyway?

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bandit becomes Statue Dog The Bed Hog and tricks Mommy and Daddy

The man on the TV said that we were going to get some cold and snow, and boy was he right! Since yesterday it's been cold and snowy and stormy.

Last night, me and Scout slept with Mommy and Daddy to stay warm. It was great. We made a big dog pile and everyone was warm and toasty.

Except that Daddy snores really loud. Mommy usually just pokes him and he rolls over and stops for a while. So in the middle of last night when he was snoring, Mommy poked Daddy and said, "You're snoring. Roll over."

And Daddy woke up and said, "I don't have anywhere to go. I'm on the edge of the bed. These dogs are hogging all the space!"

I don't know what his problem was. Scout had enough space. I had enough space. Mommy seemed to have enough space.

Daddy said Scout was OK at the bottom of the bed near his feet but that I was taking up way too much room and that Mommy needed to move me. So she tried to push me to wake up and move.

But haha! I was playing a trick on Mommy! When I go to bed, I am NOT moving for anyone. So I play a game called Statue Dog. I turn myself into a statue and I don't move at all, not even a little bit.

First Mommy shook me. Sorry Mommy! Statue Dog can't move!

Then she told me to move over. Sorry Mommy! Statue Dog can't hear you!

Then she tried to push me from behind to move me. Sorry Mommy! Statue Dog stays right where he is!

Finally Daddy told her to just pick me up and move me. So that's what she did. She picked up my whole entire body and turned me right around upside down. Daddy was directing her - Move him a little more that way, move his head up here - and finally I was lying right next to Mommy, with my head on Mommy's pillow and all snuggled up in her personal space. I hadn't moved at all on my own, not one whisker! I am Statue Dog!

Daddy said, Thank you Bandit! And he reached over to pet me. And then I tricked him! I rolled over to let him rub my belly, and then I rolled over again to lick his face, because he really likes that.

And then, haha! I was right back to where I started, on his side of the bed!

Ta da! Bandit strikes again!

Right then Scout decided that since we were all awake he and I should probably go outside and potty, so we jumped up and ran downstairs and barked.

It was cccccold outside and snowing and windy. Even though it was 3:00 in the morning, Mommy put on her snow boots and coat and came out with us - because we don't potty unless she's there to witness it. She also checked the chickens, who she said were snug as bugs in a rug.

Then Mommy called, "Who wants a nite-nite biscuit?" and me and Scout ran inside.

And that's how Mommy tricked me back. I ran right upstairs and got in my crate, which is where I always get my nite-nite biscuit. And when Mommy gave me my biscuit, she closed the door on the crate and locked me in.

Rats. Foiled again.

I had to sleep the rest of the night in my crate while Scout slept in the bed with Mommy and Daddy.

So that's how I tricked Mommy and Daddy and they tricked me back.

Love, Bandit

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Scout and Bandit: Getting Mommy's attention

Dear Scout and Bandit,

Sometimes when my Mommy is working I think she has forgotten all about me. I get bored. What can I do to get her attention?

Love, Rex

Dear Rex,

We have a lot of great ideas to help you get your Mommy's attention! These are things we have tried and we know they work really good.

I start by going up to Mommy and staring at her. Don't move and don't do anything. Just stare.

If that doesn't work then you should act like there is a big, huge emergency, and whine and bark and, if you can, spin in a circle. Something like, "Mommy! Timmy fell down a well!!" or "Mommy! Come quick! The cat is in the washing machine!" Usually that will get her to pay attention to you and then you can tell her what you really want, which is to go outside to play catch.

My first idea is to find something Mommy really loves - shoes, oven mitts, something from her purse - and grab it and then RUN! If she doesn't see you right away, run up to her until she looks at you, and then RUN!

That usually works. But pretty soon Mommy will get wise to that trick and put her shoes in the closet and you'll have eaten all the oven mitts and she'll learn to zip her purse.

The next trick is to go in another room and make a lot of noise. Tip things over, scratch the carpet, chase the cat. Mommy will get up to see what you're doing.

My last idea - and this is probably the most fun because it's so tricky - is to go somewhere in the house and be very quiet. Don't make any noise at all. I'll bet your Mommy is more afraid of what you're doing when you're not making any noise than when you're taking silverware out of the kitchen sink.

One tip: If you're going to steal stuff and run, don't steal stuff like medicine. While it will get your Mommy's attention, it might make you have to go to the hospital where they will hook you up to machines and experiment on your blood to see if your electros will light. I learned that the hard way.

Hopefully those idea will help, Rex! Have fun!

Love, Scout and Bandit

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Scout and Bandit answer readers' questions: Who is Santa Claws?

Dear Scout and Bandit,

The girl who lives with me told me that in a few weeks, someone named Santa Claws is going to come into our house when we are asleep and eat our cookies.

I am scared! What do you know about this Santa Claws?

Love, Rover

Dear Rover,

Don't be scared! It's not Santa Claws, it's Santa Claus!

Santa lives at the North Pole, which is a very cold place. He must live near Governer Sarah Palin (Border Collies for Sarah Palin!). I've heard that he knows if you've been naughty or nice, so he must also be friends with God.

Santa is a really nice guy. Me and Scout have met him, actually. Here are the pictures to prove it. So we would know. Santa has biscuits.

He also has helpers who wear green stockings and no pants. Even the men. I don't know if he makes them wear dresses or if they just like having cold legs.

Mommy says Santa comes and brings presents to the good boys and girls, but dogs always get something even if they have been bad. So I don't know if he's going to eat your cookies, but he'll probably leave you biscuits and a toy instead.

So don't worry about Santa! He's a good guy!

Merry Christmas!
Love, Bandit

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday turkey with Grandma!

Bandit here! Me and Scout went with Mommy to Grandma's house for turkey today. Aunt Jackie and Uncle Eric were there, and Dali was there, Cassie and her boyfriend came over later after Cassie got out of work. Daddy went hunting all day. He needed a break from us.

Grandma is the best. She makes cut out cookies with frosting that are delicious. I know. I ate a whole bag of them!

Scout didn't like to be at Grandmas. He used to like to go when he was the only dog around but now that it's Dali's house he just wanted to go home. He's like that. He likes people but he doesn't really want to hang with other dogs.

I can see why! Dali was climbing on me and then climbing on Scout. She doesn't get a lot of dog company so she reeeaally wanted to play but Scout didn't want to play at all. And I didn't like that she was climbing on my brother so I tried to protect him.

Plus, she was all kissy face with Mommy! MY MOMMY! I didn't like that either. I gave Dali some scary growls and showed her all of my teeth and she got the message. Hands off my Mommy.

But actually I love Dali a lot. We have lots and lots of good fun when it's warm outside and we can run and play and wrestle. I like to play in her pool in the summer but she always pees in it so we stopped that game.

Anyway, Grandma cooked a lot of good food and even though I wasn't able to steal any from the stove - I was good, Santa! I only stole Dali's dog food! - it smelled really yummy in there and Mommy and Aunt Jackie let me have some tastes. I tried turkey and stuffing and corn.

I had to wear my leash the whole time and stay hooked to Mommy's ankle so she could remind me when I forgot and started to eat from the table. Scout stayed right by the front door the whole time saying, Anytime you're ready to go, I'm ready to go, Mommy! Are you ready? I'm ready!

So here's something I learned about my Aunt Jackie: I think she is magic. I was in the kitchen looking at the turkey. She said to me, Don't do what I know you're thinking about doing, Bandit!

How did she know what I was thinking?? And how did she know I was thinking about something that I shouldn't do?? I was afraid to think about anything after that. It's not easy to think about nothing when there is a whole turkey right in front of your nose.

Aunt Jackie has a dog named Goliath. Scout loves him and said I would love him too, but Aunt Jackie won't bring him to visit. She said it's too much chaos with all the dogs. Darn. I have another cousin that I've never met. Scout says Surprise! Goliath is not a giant dog but a little dog who is smaller than our cat. But he's got sharp teeth and he can chase Dali and Scout around! I can't wait to meet him.

Want to hear something funny? Aunt Jackie wants Uncle Eric to buy her a stroller for her dog. Like he's a baby! Isn't that hilarious? I wonder if Goliath wears diapers? HAHAHA Just kidding. Anyway, Uncle Eric just rolled his eyes and said, No. I think what he meant was, You're crazy, Aunt Jackie.

When we got home from Grandma's, Daddy told us about how he shot TWO does today! One time, he had to run and shoot really far with his last bullet and it sounded like a wild west movie and he was John Wayne. He's the coolest Daddy in the whole world. I hope he makes us some dog jerky from that deer.

So anyway, that's what we did for my birthday.

Love, Bandit

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bandit: I'm home from the hospital and I met SANTA!

Hi, it's Bandit! I"m home from the hospital!

You do not want to go to the hospital. They stick you with needles and they give you funny medicine and they make you wear a lampshade on your head and sleep in a cage. It is not fun.

There were a lot of people there but none of them were Mommy. I had a nice doctor and helpers and they took very good care of me. But I wanted Mommy.

Here's what happened: yesterday I opened Mommy's purse to see if I could find her cell phone to call Dali and say hello. But instead I found Mommy's medicine. And I ate it.

It made me feel really shaky and made my heart go BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM really really fast. So Mommy took me to the doctor and by then my ears and whiskers were shaking and I was talking really fast.

So they made me go to the hospital. They gave me medicine to make my heart beat not so fast and other medicine to make me sleepy and they took out all of my blood and did experiments on it. Then I had to stay overnight.

Mommy came to get me today. Dr. Simon Kirk said I am back to normal - Hahaha, Mommy said. Normal for him, Dr. Kirk said. They both laughed. I think they were joking about me.

But I don't even care because here's the best part. When they brought me to Mommy, guess who else was in the room?


I am not kidding. He was there with his helpers. So Mommy got my picture taken and then she went home and got Scout and he got his picture taken, too! See, I am telling the truth:

The best part was that Santa had biscuits. I found the jar and jumped on the counter and got tangled in the lights and knocked them down. And Santa didn't even yell at me!

So I had to go to the hospital and get stuck with needles and have experiments done on my blood but I also got to meet Santa. So it was all good in the end.

Love, Bandit

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Bandit's coming home

Scout here. I got up this morning and ate breakfast without being pestered by Bandit. I barked around the house looking for him.

Then I remembered that he's in the hospital. I heard Mommy on the phone with the doctor and she said Bandit is coming home this morning.

I'm glad he's OK! And I do miss him. But I like being the only dog on the house.

Maybe the doctor should keep Bandit for a few more days just to make sure he's OK? Or maybe a few weeks?

Love Scout

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Scout updates on Bandit

Scout here. Mommy went to see Bandit at the doggie hospital tonight. She said he looks terrible but that's probably because he's on some medicine to make him calm. She said his eyes are all glassy and he's just acting funny.

I know how he feels. I was acting funny this week when Dr. Hawkins gave me funny medicine.

Mommy said she laid right down on the floor with Bandit and snuggled for a little bit. He was excited to see her but then he curled up with her and started to go to sleep. She said Bandit's stomach was gurgling and gurgling. The nice vet helper, Beth, said they gave him some dinner - nice squishy canned food - and Mommy said that sometimes new food gives Bandit diarrhea. And that he chews up his blankies. So they might want to watch and make sure he doesn't poop all over or eat his blankie. Last time Bandit was at the vet hospital he chewed through the leash and made a big, big fuss.

Dr. Kirk said that Bandit could come home tonight if Mommy wanted, but that he would prefer to keep him till tomorrow to make sure Bandit's heart was all goofy because he was excited and not because there was something wrong with it. Mommy said that was OK with her as long as she could call anytime. They told her call all night, Mommy! We're here 24/7.

It's very, very quiet here without Bandit. I like being alone. I admit it. I get to sleep on my own dog bed and there's no one biting my legs and chasing me around. I played tree ball with Mommy and Murphy. And I'm getting to rest my paw from Bandit biting me all the time.

But I miss Bandit. It's fun to get all-Mommy-time sometimes, but I want my brother to come home soon and to be all better. Mommy is fun, but I need Bandit. I am used to my brother and he's getting better. You know he'll be one year old on Sunday? I hope he's well enough to have a party.

Anyway, pray for my brother Bandit to get better quick and not to get into Mommy's purse any more and eat stuff!

Love, Scout

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Bandit's in the doggie hospital

Mommy here. It's been a very busy dog day at the Brokaw Funny Farm.

While I was getting my shoes on this morning to take Scout to the vet's to have his bandages removed, Bandit came upstairs and coughed a few times. That's not unusual; he's often coughing up hair and dirt and leaves and whatever other thing he's eaten.

When I went downstairs, I saw money on the floor under my purse. I assumed Bandit had nosed in there and grabbed it but I didn't notice anything else missing.

I put him in his crate and took Scout to the vet. We were home in about 20 mins. Before I let Bandit out of his crate, I noticed that my rescue inhaler - albuterol - was on the couch, and that a hole had been punctured in the now-empty canister.

Apparently, Bandit had stolen it out of my purse and I assume that's why he had been coughing.

I called the vet (where I had been just 10 minutes earlier) and Dr. Hawkins said that albuterol can be dangerous for a dog, and wanted me to see if I could get a heart rate on him. Oddly enough, Bandit wouldn't come near me, even for hamburger. Dr. Hawkins said it was best to bring him in.

She wasn't available but Dr. Herrema saw Bandit and said he was "clinical" for albuterol overdose and sent us to the animal hospital.

There, they took his vitals - his heart rate was up to 260 - and started him on the antidote as well as IV fluids.

Albuterol can affect the dog's heart and also potassium levels, hence the antidote, EKG, and fluids. The doctor, Dr. Kirk, said that fortunately the medicine's effect is short lived and will wear off after 6 or 8 hours.

When I left, Bandit was sedated and his heart rate was down to 160. Dr. Kirk said he didn't forsee any long term affects and that barring any complications, Bandit might be able to come home tonight.

PS I found this from a vet website about animal toxicology- I am SOO glad I took him in right away!:

Albuterol is a synthetic sympathomimetic amine that primarily has beta-2 adrenergic agonist activity. Albuterol inhalers are used for relief of bronchospasm in humans with obstructive airway disease, and they generally contain approximately 15-20 g of albuterol that is designed to be released in 90 microgram increments. When small animals puncture inhalers with their teeth, some or all of the contents may be propelled into the oral cavity, where it is rapidly absorbed.

Signs of albuterol toxicosis may develop within minutes of exposure to the inhaler. The most common signs associated with albuterol toxicosis are tachycardia, vomiting, depression, tachypnea, hyperactivity, muscle tremors, and weakness. A not infrequent comment regarding symptomatic dogs is that one can see their heart beating through the chest wall “from across the room,” signifying severe increase in the force of myocardial contraction. In addition, agitation, arrhythmia, nervousness, hypertension or hypotension, collapse, weakness, seizures, and death may occur. Some animals may experience an initial phase of hyperactivity, hypertension, and tachycardia that gives way to a “collapse” phase of depression, hypotension, bradycardia and, possibly, circulatory failure. Clinical laboratory abnormalities that have been associated with albuterol include profound hypokalemia (can be life-threatening), hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia. In experimental exposures in dogs, doses of albuterol in excess of 0.28 mg/kg have been associated with myocardial fibrosis.

Because of the rapidity of absorption of albuterol from inhalers, decontamination is generally not feasible. Animals that have bitten into inhalers should be examined for evidence of tachycardia or other signs; if more than an hour has passed and the animal is asymptomatic, it is unlikely that signs will develop. Treatment for foreign body ingestion may be required in cases where parts of the inhaler have been ingested. Symptomatic animals often require prompt and aggressive care. Seizures, hyperactivity, tremors and agitation will generally respond to diazepam. Propranolol (preferred) or other beta-blocker should be used to manage severe tachycardia and/or arrhythmias. Fluid therapy should be initiated and maintained while the animal is symptomatic. Potassium and glucose levels should be closely monitored, and abnormalities, particularly hypokalemia, should be treated as needed. In dogs, signs generally resolve within 12 hours, although in some individuals, signs may persist up to 48 hours. The prognosis is generally good for cases where veterinary intervention is prompt and appropriate. Animals with pre-existing cardiac disease may be at increased risk for severe cardiac complications or death.

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Updated photos: December 2009

Mommy here! (Isn't it nice that the dogs let me have a chance to write?) I was taking some pictures of Scout and Bandit this week and was struck by how big Bandit has gotten since he came to live with us! Take a look:

April 14, 2009

April. 27, 2009

November 9, 2009

December 2, 2009

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scout's hurt paw

Bandit here! Mommy took this picture of me and Scout and his hurt paw.

I laid down with Scout for a while to keep him company. He's a lot better today, but he was tired so we both took a break. It's quiet in the house today. Mommy is baking bread and making Rice Krispie treats. I ate a marshmallow. It was squishy.

Scout has been chewing the bandage, so I thought I would help him a little, too. It's yucky tasting. But Scout really wants to get it off so we figured if we both chewed for a while, it would come off faster. Mommy said DO NOT chew the bandage. Then she sprayed some really icky tasting stuff on it. So we ate peanut butter in our Kong toys instead.

Love, Bandit

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Yeah! Scout's better!

Bandit here! Mommy was right! Scout was acting funny last night because he had a lot of funny medicine in him!

Last night, he went potty in the house, which is definitely not something Scout does. I think he felt really bad about that. But Mommy took good care of him. She said his medicine is making him feel really goofy and he couldn't figure out how to let Mommy know he had to go out. He seemed a little confused last night.

This morning, he is pretty much normal. He is still being a little funny; he just wants to lie down on his bed, which I usually kick him out of and then chew up. Today I think I should let him lie on his own bed. He does get up and try to run but Mommy makes him go lie back down, and I think he's happy to do that.

Mommy said that today Scout has to take some more medicine that will make him sleepy but will make his paw not hurt so much, so I am not supposed to bug him or make him run or wrestle with him. That is going to be very hard to do. I guess I'll have to wrestle with Murphy.

Mommy said that Scout's paw will feel a lot better, even better than it did before Dr. Hawkins cut his bad nail, so Scout will want to go for walks again. He hasn't wanted to walk much this week.

But yeah!! Scout isn't sick!! He just has to wait until tomorrow when Dr. Hawkins takes the bandages off his paw and then he can play with me!!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scout is hurt, Bandit is confused

Bandit here. Something is wrong with my brother Scout.

After dinner tonight, Mommy saw that Scout was chewing on his paw. She noticed yesterday that he was limping and she checked his paws to see if he stepped on something. But tonight she called Dr. Hawkins right away and took Scout to see her.

They were gone for a while, and when they got home, something was very wrong with Scout. His front paw was all wrapped up in something and he couldn't stand up. And he couldn't stay awake. He just fell down and was asleep, and so I sniffed him all over, really gentle. He smelled funny, like medicine or something.

Something is not right! Mommy, what's wrong with Scout?

Mommy said that I am not to bother Scout, but when she went to make tea, I snuck over to him and nudged him. He didn't move, so I barked. And he still didn't move!

Mommy! Come quick! Something is wrong with Scout!

Mommy came running and checked Scout. She said that Scout had something called a sedative and it made him very sleepy. And that his toenail was split bad and had to get cut to a very painful part of his paw and that it bled a lot and hurts a whole lot.

Then she pet Scout and she started crying. She said his bandage reminds her of when he broke his leg when he was just a puppy and he's lying so quiet just like Natasha did before she died.

I don't want Scout to die! I don't want Mommy to cry! I don't know what to do!

Mommy hugged me and said Scout will be fine when his medicine wears off, but for the next day or so I cannot play with him. She said she is just sad because she hates to see her puppies in pain.

If there's one thing I know, if you are sick you definitely want Mommy to take care of you. She will stay up all night to make sure you're breathing and she'll clean up if you get sick and she'll pet you and love you.

When it was time for bed, Daddy tucked me in and said that Scout would seem more like normal in the morning. I think Mommy is sleeping with Scout downstairs, but Daddy wouldn't tell me because he thinks I will bark all night.

But I want Scout to get better really fast, so I went to bed like a good puppy. I got right in my crate and went to sleep and said a prayer and asked God to make Scout better really fast. It's scary when someone you love gets hurt!

Love, Bandit

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scout and Bandit: IT'S SNOWING!!

Bandit: Bandit here! So we woke up this morning and there was all of this cold white stuff on the ground. So I ate it. Is that like the stuff Mommy read about in the Bible? Manna? It tastes like something God would send.

Scout: No, silly. It's snow!!

Bandit: Oh, snow! What's snow? A new treat?

Scout: No, stupid. Snow is something fun to play with!

Bandit: And it tastes good, too!

Scout: Well, don't eat too much. It's really to play in. Just wait till there is so much snow in the backyard that when you go out to potty, the snow is over your head. That's really fun!

Bandit: Over my head? Will I disappear?

Scout: For a minute. Then you pop out and snow flies everywhere! It's the greatest. Mommy doesn't even like being out in the cold, but when there is that much snow, she'll come outside a lot and play with us.

Bandit: I can't wait!

Scout: And do you know what else happens when it snows? SANTA COMES!!

Bandit: YEAH!! Wait, what happens when Santa comes?

Scout: He brings presents to all of the good puppies!

Bandit: Sigh. I haven't been a very good puppy.

Scout: It's OK. Since you are still a puppy, he still brings presents. Once, I drank a bottle of wine and he still brought me presents.

Bandit: YOU drank a bottle of wine? I thought you were always good!

Scout: HAHAHAHA!! That's funny! I used to be a bad dog, too! I ate shoes and books and oven mitts and movies and lots of other stuff. Even a Christmas ornament. Then I barfed all over the house. One time, I was at Nana's and I threw up a big giant leaf and a piece of wood. I don't even remember eating them!

Bandit: Hey, I eat that stuff too! We really are brothers!

Scout: But listen. Someday you have to stop doing that and become a big dog. But until then, Santa still brings presents!

Bandit: YEAH! Santa's coming! Snow! Snow! Snow!

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