Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scout and Bandit's Guide To Life: Bandit (almost) meets another Bandit and learns an important lesson about being useful

Bandit here! Guess what?

The other night, a man came to the door. He was very tall and was wearing a blue suit with shiny stuff on it. Scout and I sniffed and sniffed and we could smell that he had a dog. We decided that he was a nice man and since Daddy knew him, we let him in the house.

It turns out that his name is Cuyler and he is one of Daddy's best friends. And he is a policeman!

At first, I thought maybe Mommy called the police to come and take me away, because I haven't necessarily been a good boy all the time lately.

But he wasn't there to get me. He and his partner had to come and look for a bad guy in town. But guess what? His partner isn't another man. Or even a lady. His partner is a dog!

And do you know what the dog's name is? BANDIT!

Hahaha, isn't that funny? The policeman has a dog named Bandit!

Mommy said that it was probably not a good idea for me to go and meet the other Bandit, because he was working. So I sniffed Officer Cuyler for a while, and I introduced him to my chickens.

Then Mommy and Daddy went out to meet the other Bandit. Then Kona and Killian's mommy Flow came over to make sure that we were all OK since there was a police car in front of our house. (Isn't she a good friend?)

Mommy showed me this picture that she took of Bandit:

I think I am glad I didn't go out and meet him.
Isn't this picture of Flow and Officer Cuyler scary?

No, Officer Cuyler! Don't arrest Flow!! Don't take her away!! She's a nice lady! She has dogs, too! (Hahaha, just kidding. He wasn't going to arrest her!)

After Officer Cuyler and Bandit left, I felt sad. The other Bandit has a very imporant job. He helps save people and put bad guys in jail. He had to have special training and go to police school and everything!

And my brother Scout has a very important job, reading with Timmy every week at school. He had to go to special school and pass a test to do that.

But I don't have a job. Maybe Mommy will get tired of me being bad and find another dog who is smarter and more useful and doesn't eat her cell phone.

But Mommy said, "Of course you have a job, silly. Your job is to take care of the chickens!" She said that the girls aren't afraid of me and I'm not afraid of them, and we get along really good.

When they're out in their coop in a few weeks someone will need to make sure no one bothers them, like other dogs and cats and racoons and that big hawk. That is my job and no one else can do my job. Scout can't do it because he's afraid of the chickens. Murphy can't do it because he wants to eat the chickens. And he's not allowed outside, anyway.
Mommy says that when she has me come with her to feed the chickens, and when she says, "Here Bandit, come and see Mrs. Beasley," she is actually teaching me how to take care of the chickens.

Yeah! I have a job! Mommy needs me! I didn't even know it!

So I learned this week that first, Daddy has some very interesting friends, and second, that even if you don't know it, you have a very important job that only you can do.

How about that?
Love Bandit

UPDATE: May 2010. Guess what? Me and Scout have a new job! We are spokesdogs for Faceless International. We're going to help them tell people about slavery and human trafficking and how they can help people escape from it!

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