Saturday, October 6, 2012

Meet my cousin Mila

This is my cousin Mila. She is very pretty, isn't she?

Mommy's cousin Jenefer called Mommy this week and said, "Hey! On Friday, can you come over to my house after my knee gets operated on and take care of me and make me lunch and get in everyone's way?" And Mommy said, "Sure! I am good at taking care of people and making lunch and getting in everyone's way! What time do you need me?"

So on Friday, Mommy went to Jenefer's house. Jenefer didn't need anyone to take care of her because she is a tough cookie and her knee didn't hurt so much. So Mommy just made lunch and got in the way of Jenefer's husband, Nick.

It is also Dylan's house. Dylan doesn't like Mommy to come over. He cries when she looks at him. Once upon a time he used to like her but he didn't see her for a long time and when he saw her again he decided she was not interesting any more. I think that happens to people a lot.

But guess what? Dylan and his mommy and daddy have a new dog! Her name is Mila and she is a sled dog. Mila thought Mommy was interesting.

Mommy says Mila and I are two peas on a pod. I think that means we are tasty.

 Mommy says Mila is very smart and very good but that she thinks me and Mila have a lot in common. Mostly that we busy in our brains all the time. That is mommy-talk for dogs who are always thinking of ways to be naughty.

Hahahaha!! I think me and Mila would have some good romps together!!


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