Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scout plays soccer with the WNY Flash

Today was Scout's adventure day. The animal shelter was having a special "come and adopt some animals" day and guess what? There were professional soccer players there!

So Mommy went home and got Scout. Because you know how much Scout loves to play soccer!

When Mommy and Scout went to see Dr. Hall this week, she said Scout didn't have to be careful, that he should just do normal dog stuff. She said it's good for Scout to just be normal.

Hahaha, Dr. Hall! None of us dogs are normal!

A player named Kaley Fountain played with Scout. She said he's good at playing soccer. He should be, since he plays all the time at home! Me and Bailey don't know how to play soccer. But if there was a professional dog barking team, we would be the champs.

This is Kaley. Scout says she is very pretty and smells like sunshine and happiness.

Scout said Kaley was so nice. He felt bad because a little while ago her dog got sick and had to to live on God's farm in the sky. Scout said when he goes there he'll make sure to look for her puppy and give her a big hug from Kaley.

When he was done playing with Kaley, he butted himself into the soccer clinic and played with the guys. He tried to eat the ball but Mommy stopped him. They don't know how many balls Scout kills.

So Scout had a great day! I'm glad he got to have a super perfect adventure!


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Friday, July 29, 2011

A barkery good adventure

Hmm. I think I'll take one of everything. Thank you!

Me and Bailey have been having some bad times this week so Mommy said that since Bailey got to go out last night I could have an adventure today. So me and Mommy went to A Barker's Dozen. It is owned by a nice lady named Gabriella.

Look at all of the yummy cookies!
There is a lot of yummy good stuff at A Barker's Dozen. There are cookies and cupcakes and biscuits and toys. Today was the day Gabriella and her helpers made doggy ice cream so I got to be the tester. My ice cream had peanut butter and yogurt and carob chips. It was c-c-c-cold on my tongue! But it made me feel cool in my belly. Mmmm. I think I like doggy ice cream.

Gabriella makes good icey creamy dog treats.
 Then I got to help behind the counter and help the helpers. This is the apron you have to wear if you work there. I look pretty good!

Hello, welcome to the barkery. Can I help you eat some treats?
 Then Mommy and Gabriella talked and talked and talked so much that I fell asleep. Boring, Mommy.

It was a good adventure. Me and Mommy had alone time in the car. Gabriella and her helpers told me how handsome I was and I got lots of treats. Plus I had a good nap.

Love BANDIT!!!!

PS: When we got home, we found out that Bailey had been a really bad girl. REALLY bad. Almost badder than I've ever been in the crate.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dog Days of Summer book giveaway

I like to read. This book is by Phil Osophy. He's kind of boring.

Don't forget that on Mommy's Bark Around Town blog, she is having a Dog Days of Summer book giveaway. All you have do is "like" her Bark Around Town facebook page.

These are some good books! I ate a couple of Mommy's books.  You can read some super good mysteries about Chet and his human Bernie (a grand prize set of "Dog On It", "Thereby Hangs A Tail" and "To Fetch A Thief"), and about a girl who gets drunk and orders a dog online ("Stay"), and some funny stories about shelter dogs and silly humans ("Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts") and a book about people who use science to make dogs that are just like their dead dogs ("Dogs Inc").

I like to eat books. I think you will like these. Hurry up and enter because the deadline is July 31. Which is also Grandma's birthday.

You can read more about it on Mommy's blog.


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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mommy and the scary dog hair sucking machine

Last night Bailey went to dog school at Miss Sherri's school for dogs, were you can romp and pee on the floor and have a great time with your friends.

Boo. I didn't get to go.

When Bailey's class is done, Mommy stays to help Miss Sherri in her other classes. So Bailey had to get locked in the dog jail room because she was barking and jumping and being naughty while the other dogs were having their class.

After classes were done, Bailey got let out of dog jail while Mommy helped Miss Sherri close up. And guess what? Bailey said that Mommy was using some kind of scary machine that made a lot of noise and rolled around on wheels and made the dog hair on the floor disappear!

Bailey said she was scared that the machine might try to eat Mommy up, so she barked at it and tried to bite the wheels and save Mommy.

Scout said that what Mommy was doing was called vacuuming. Oh! Me and Bailey have never seen that before. Scout said that once upon a time, Mommy used to use the giant sucking machine to make dog hair and dirt go away. But he heard her say that she just gave up and she put the giant sucking machine in the basement. Now she just uses a broom and moves the dirt around.

We don't think Daddy believes that Mommy actually vacuums at dog school. But Bailey saw it, so it must be true!


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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to have an "it's too hot outside!" pawjama party in the air conditioning

We had a pawjama party in the air conditioning!
Last night it was very hot so Mommy said, "It's too hot upstairs. Let's have a pawjama party in the living room with the air conditioning!"

Yay! We love having pawjama parties!

Daddy said, "No thanks. I'll sleep upstairs." Boo on Daddy. He's no fun. And he's on vacation, too!

This is how you have a pawjama party. First, your mommy puts sheets and towels and other stuff on the couch to make the puppies comfy and soak up the water from the last round of water dog. You should move all of those towels around and dig on the couch until you get it fixed just the way you like it.

Then you have your daddy blow up an air mattress using a noisy, scary machine.

Then Mommy puts some fresh sheets on the air mattress and covers it all with a big comforter to keep out the dirt from the pups.

Then you get all of the dog beds and lay them around the living room so everyone has a place to sleep.

Then you turn on the air conditioning and the fans to make it nice and cool in the living room.

Then your daddy says, "Have fun!" and goes upstairs.

Then everyone else goes to bed.

When you have a pawjama party, you are allowed to sleep anywhere you want. So try the couch! Try Mommy's air bed! Try the dog beds! Then try them all again, all night long! If you are a cat, you don't even have to sleep. You can play pounce on everyone and hide under the covers and meeeooow all night.

Maybe you would rather sleep on Mommy's bed.
Make sure you leave a corner for her to squeeze in.
During the night, your mommy can turn the fans on when it gets too hot because there are dogs sleeping all over her. Then she can turn the fans off when it gets too cold. Then she can turn the fans back on. And then off. And then on. And then off.

But you can try all the beds and sleep on two beds at the same time if you want!
And then in the middle of the night your mommy can say, "This is not working!" and go upstairs and sleep in the hot bedroom and let the dogs and cat have the pawjama party room all to themselves.

Except you don't have to stay in the pawjama party room. If you love your mommy, you can go upstairs with here and hog up the big bed because you know that Mommy can't sleep unless her pups are with her.

And that is how you have a pawjama party in the airconditioning.

Mommy says Sleepy Nap Time will start early today.


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