Monday, February 28, 2011

Big girl, Bailey!

Look at how big Bailey has gotten since she came to stay with us! Mommy takes her picture next to Scout so we can tell how much she has grown.

This is Bailey when she came to live with us. She is 6 weeks old.

This is Bailey at 10 weeks old.

This is Bailey at 11 1/2 weeks old. Look how much she's grown!

Bailey went to visit a family tonight who is looking for a dog. Except they want a bigger dog that already knows how to potty outside and sleep nice in a crate and not chew up the whole house. So it looks like Bailey will stay with us for a little while. At least until she's as tall as Scout's collar!


Our weekend

Saturday night was a bad night. Mommy tried to make Bailey sleep in the big nite nite crate.

You should know that puppies in our house have two crates. They have a nite nite crate upstairs where puppies have to sleep when they are babies so they don't chew stuff and pee all over while the mommy and daddy sleep. When the puppy gets to be a big puppy, they get to sleep on the bed. Yay!

There is also a downstairs crate called the baby crate. That is where the baby puppy has to go when Mommy has to go to the store and other fun stuff that she does without dogs.

Bailey does not like the baby crate. She pees and poops in there and she barks and barks and barks. She can bare for hours.When Mommy went to the shelter on Saturday, Bailey pulled in the blankie covering the crate and made all of the stuff on top of the crate crash on the floor. Then she pooped on all of her toys and pushed them out of the crate through the bars. Then she just barked and barked.

Up until Saturday night, Bailey was sleeping in Murphy's cat carrier on Mommy's bed. She likes it in there and sleeps pretty much like a good girl. Except Mommy says that Bailey must have eaten something like Alice did in Wonderland, because all of the sudden Bailey is so giant she can hardly fit in Murphy's crate!

So that's why Bailey had to go in the nite nite crate on Saturday. She went in at 11 PM and barked for about fortyleven hours. Then at 3 in the morning Mommy took us all out for potty and when we came in she put Bailey back in the carrier. She said she might be squished but at least she's quiet.

On Sunday morning, us dogs were making Mommy nuts. Bailey pooped and ate it. I barked and barked. Scout barked and barked. Murphy knocked all of the stuff off of the kitchen table. Us animals were being very, very bad.

Finally Mommy took me and Scout to the park and left Bailey with Daddy. She said if she didn't get out of the house someone was going to get hurt and it might be someone with a tail. Me and Scout ran and ran and ran and ran in the park and had some good fun in the fluffy snow. We got pooped out good.

When we came home, Mommy got on the couch to read a book. Then she said to Daddy, "I think me and Bandit will go upstairs to read." Yay! Alone time with Mommy!

Except we did not go upstairs to read. It's a secret. We went upstairs and got in bed and went to sleep! It was great. Me and Mommy had twelveteen hours alone together snuggled in the bed.

So it was a great weekend. And last night, even Bailey got a treat. Mommy fell asleep in bed with Bailey on her pillow! So she didn't even go in the carrier. Hahaha!

We dogs know how to get Mommy to do what we want. All we have to do is make her really tired so she can't think straight.


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Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow snuggles and lost puppies

Bailey snuggles in her favorite basket after her adventure yesterday
 Guess what? Yesterday, while Mommy was opening the garage, Bailey disappeared. First she was there, and then, poof! She was gone.

When Mommy turned back, she thought Bailey was wrestling with me and Scout. But she wasn't. It was cold and raining and Mommy thought Bailey went into the garage when she opened the door, so she looked inside with all of the stuff. But Bailey wasn't there.

Bailey learned yesterday that even though she has a big blockhead, she can fit through the space in the front gate, so Mommy was worried that Bailey got scared by the garage door noise and ran down the driveway and through the little space in the fence and kept running.

Then Mommy went end of the driveway and called her. She asked the moving men on the street if they saw her and people out for walks if they saw her. No Bailey.

Then she called Daddy on the phone and said, Help!! Come home!! and he said, I'm on my way! And then Hera's daddy Doug came out to look for Bailey. And then Jason and his friend Trevor came out to look for Bailey.

Me and Scout just hung out in the yard waiting and barking. Mommy said she was getting scared that someone stole Bailey because she's so cute. Me and Scout weren't worried. We think that if someone stole Bailey they would bring her back because she has really stinky breath and her poop stinks up the whole house. Blech.

Anyway, Mommy walked down the street calling "Bailey!! Bailey!!" and there she was, standing on the sidewalk on the other side of the street just a little ways down from our house.

When Bailey saw Mommy she came running to her really fast and jumped into her arms. She was shaking scared, even though she was only gone about eleventeen minutes.

Mommy thinks that Bailey ran down the driveway and forgot how to get back up, so she just started walking and got lost. She didn't want to run away and she heard Mommy calling and tried to come home to her, but she doesn't know our street so she got loster and loster.

Once Bailey was snuggled back in her basket and Daddy was home, Mommy started crying and crying and saying, "What if we didn't find her? What if someone stole her? What if she got hit by a car? Whhhaaa!!" Me and Scout just said, "When's dinner?"

Daddy went out and put screen fence all over the gate so Bailey can't fit her big blockhead through any more.

Mommy made some brownies for Doug and the kids to thank them for going out in the rain and cold to walk around the neighborhood to find the puppy. She said they did that once to look for me, except I don't remember running away. I just went visiting the neighbors a lot when I was a puppy. Hey, everyone, just stopping by to pee on your flowers!

Anyway, today is a super snow day! There wasn't snow yesterday, so it was good that Bailey didn't get lost today.

We played for a while and now we are all snuggled in the house. The snow is over Bailey's head, so she gets snuggled more. Plus Mommy says it's "girl power," since she and Bailey are two girls against four boys in the house.

Boo on girl power.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The funnest day of the year!

We had some fun romping at the park with Daddy!

Today was the funnest day of the year! Mommy AND Daddy took us to the park! Me, Scout, Bailey, Mommy and Daddy!

Bailey doesn't to get her feet cold.

We had a fun romp in the snow. Daddy is the best snowball maker ever. Bailey was very cold so she just whined like a baby.

Uh oh, here come the cops!

The cops came to the park, too. Daddy made us sit very still and pretend like we were good dogs so that when the cops drove by they wouldn't know we were off of our leashes and give us a ticket. Me and Scout did not want to go to jail, so we sat really nice.

Sit pretty we we don't go to jail!
When it was time to go, Mommy and Daddy talked to two nice ladies who were learning how to ski in the park. Their names were Debbie and Karen ... or maybe Donna and Karen. Mommy can't remember because her brain is frozen. Anyway, Debbie has pit bulls and she thought Bailey was super fantastic and she thinks we should  keep her at our house instead of trying to find her another home. Mommy said Debbie should bring Bailey home with her! Hahaha!

Anyway, we had a super giant romp and then we came home and watched a movie on TV about dogs and a pig called Babe. Then we took naps.

It's the greatest day of the year.

Bandit, who doesn't really want a sister

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm being a good puppy teacher

Me and Bailey have a nap

Mommy says that I am teaching Bailey all of my tricks. She said it like it might not be a good thing, but I think that Bailey's new family will be very happy with how I have trained her. I don't like having her following me around all the time and copying me. But Mommy says that is how she will learn how to be a dog. Mommy says it would be better if she learned how to do that by following Scout. But that's life.

When come in from going potty, Bailey knows that we go right to the biscuit shelf and sit nice till Mommy gives us a treat.

She knows that when Mommy opens the fridge, if you're really quick you can get a snack. We had chicken salad last week. It was good.

She knows that 2:00 is Sleepy Nap Time, when we all get on the couch and take a nap with Mommy.

She knows that sunflower seed shells are good treats going down but ouchy treats coming out, if you know what I mean.

She knows that if you get to go inside the chicken coop, you can have a super great chicken poop treat, which is better than chasing chickens.

She knows that if you cry long enough, Mommy will come and  pick you up and snuggle you because she feels bad for you. If you can squeeze out some tears, Mommy will wrap you in a blankie and hug you all day.

She knows that if you have to poop in the house, you should do it in the same place all the time so Mommy won't have to hunt for it.

She knows where Mommy keeps the dog food and how to tell when it is feeding time at the zoo.

She's learning that if you give Mommy the sad puppy eyes sometimes she'll let you have some toast crust.

She knows how to get books and papers off of the table in the living room and then run around with them, which is how you get Mommy's attention when she is ignorning you.

She knows how to bark at the delivery guy.

Bailey has learned to play wrestlemania with the cat, to sing the "Mommy come home" song really loud, to chew Mommy's slippers, to spin and spin when she gets excited, and do lots of other stuff. And she likes to nap with me on the couch.

I'm doing a good job with Bailey. I should be a puppy trainer.


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The unfairest day of the year

Today was the unfairest day of the year so far. Mommy took Scout for a ride in the car to the credit union and left me home to babysit stupid Bailey.

You need ear plugs to babysit Bailey because all she does sing the "Mommy come home" song. Very loud. Very screamy. I was so mad that Mommy and Scout went on an adventure without me that I sang with Bailey. We had a "Mommy come home" symphony concert for the neighbors. They probably heard us all the way to the credit union.

And then it got worse. Mommy and Scout went to visit our favorite neighbor, Mr. Tim Horton. They brought me back a Tim Bit but I don't forgive them yet for going out and leaving me home.

Boo on that.


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