Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I make some GIANT friends! (pictures)

I went with Mommy today while she had to get her taxes done. They made me wait in the car. Boo. I sang loud songs the whole time.

But guess what? While we were there I met some horses who live next to Joe's tax office!

"Hi. My name is Bandit! "
"It's OK, furry little buddy," said the ginormous Mr. Horse. "I won't hurt you!"

One of my new friends.

One of my new friends.
"Hey Mommy, come and meet my new friend!"

Just in case you didn't know, horses are GIANT. But they are nice giants. If you are a dog and you are scared and bark at them, they don't even run away! They just say, "Don't worry, furry little friend. We won't hurt you."

So I sang them some songs too while Mommy and Daddy were in Joe's tax office.


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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bailey gets a bath

You should know that my stupid sister Bailey is not a regular girl who likes princess crowns and bows and tea parties. She likes mud and dirt and wrestling. So me and Scout taught her how to get good and stinky.

And she really stinks! So yesterday, Daddy and Mommy gave her a bath. Hahaha!! It was great!

"I don't want to be in the bathtub, Mommy."

"Daddy, save me! Mommy is making me get unstinky!"

"I am not a happy puppy."

You should know that before me and Bailey decided we didn't like each other, I taught her how to get back at Mommy and Daddy when they make you get a bath. You go outside and get dirty and then romp on the clean sheets. She is very mad at Mommy and Daddy so I bet she plays a mean trick on them when they are not expecting it.

Hahaha, Mommy and Daddy!! We are stinkers and you can't bath that away!!


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Friday, January 27, 2012

Bailey knows how to stay alive in the woods

Daddy was reading a book about how to stay alive in the woods, because he is supposed to go on a big hunting trip in the wilderness.

Bailey figured out how to stay alive in the woods: eat the book!!


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Bailey has an adventure and I made a new friend today!

This is me and my new friend Brooklyn.
She's a good romping pal! Even if she is a girl.

Bailey went for an adventure with Mommy today to deposit Daddy's paycheck. Then they went to visit Daddy at work. They had some french fries and Bailey got to say hello to everyone. How Bailey got to say hello to everyone is a big secret except she said she knows what Daddy's office looks like. Boo on secrets.

Big deal, Bailey. I got to go with Mommy tonight to the hardware store to see if she can find some new gates to keep us in our separate corners. And ha ha! I got to go into the hardware store! And there was a dog who works there named Brooklyn and me and her had some fun romps!

I have not had fun romps in a long time. Scout was sick and you know that Bailey does not know how to romp. So Brooklyn and me played chase, and I helped her greet people when they came into the store. It was fun!

Look at all the friends Brooklyn has!
 Brooklyn even has her own friends club. I should give her my picture since we're friends now. You can go to the hardware store on February 11 and see some of Brooklyn's friends looking for homes! The fun will happen at Beyond Hardware in Penfield. It's a good place to buy fix it stuff and make friends, too!

Then me and Mommy went to visit Mr. Tim Horton for some coffee and Tim Bits. It was a good day.


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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you dress your dog up in clothes?

I only had to wear a shirt because I had big boo boos on my chest that were icky.
I don't think I would like to wear clothes all the time.
Mommy is working on an article idea about dogs and cats who get dressed up in clothes. She has a friend who dresses her dogs up in tutus and we met a cat who has about eleventyfour thousand outfits!

So she wants to know what other people think about it so she can include some of what you say in her story.

If you are a dog or cat or hamster or ferret or lizard or bird or fish, do you wear clothes? What kind of clothes do you wear? Do you only get dressed up on special occasions or do you have clothes you wear every day? And if you are a fish, do you have to wear waterproof clothes?

I had to wear a shirt one time when me and Bailey got into a big fight and I had some ouchy boo boos on my chest. But I do not think I would like to wear clothes. I'm a dog, not a baby!

Although Mommy snuggles me like a baby and I like that. I like when we have quiet times and I put my head on her chest and she kisses me beween my ears and pets the sides of my face and tells me that I am the most wonderful dog and that she loves me lots and lots. And when she stops, I nudge her to tell her I am not done being baby loved. But I would not like to wear a baby diaper. Blech.

What do you think?


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Do bad dogs have more fun?

In case you didn't know, Mommy is writing for a blog called Patheos. She writes about animals and God and life and other stuff. Mostly she writes stories about bears having bear cubs and funny videos and stuff about fish and dolphins and other stuff.

Sometimes she writes about dog training, which isn't often because she is not a dog trainer. Sometimes when she writes that stuff people write back to argue with her. Mommy said this week that bad dogs have more fun, and someone wrote back to stay they disagreed with her.

HAHAHAHA!! If you disagree with that, you are obviously not a dog!

We are pretty good dogs over here but sometimes we do bad stuff. It is great. We unfluff pillows and bark like maniacs and help ourselves to snacks from the fridge. If you are a person, it is probably not fun. But if you are a dog? It is the best!

We have a friend on our street. He is a fluffy dog who gets a lot of baths and never gets to run around the yard like a wild animal and chase squirrels and balls. In fact, he is always on a leash that doesn't let him get to the grass. He is a good dog. He is an obedient dog. He is a no-fun-at-all dog.

You should know that even if I am being bad, like if I sneak out of the gate before Mommy can tell me "wait", I will always come back right away. Do you know why? Because I know that Mommy loves me and I love her and I know that even if she is mad she will not whack me with the newspaper or yank my collar. Plus, if we're both going out of the gate we are going on an adventure. So I better come back to Mommy or I will miss out!

I have friends who sneak out of their gates and will not come home unless the dog police bring the home, because they know if they are bad, they are going to get IT. No one wants to come home if they know they are going to get IT for having some dog fun. Not even people want to do that.

I guess it's a good thing I have a mommy who is a humor writer because she says we give her lots of material and keep her life interesting. And everyone knows that an interesting life with naughty dogs is a lot better than a boring life with perfect dogbots! Even if dogbots don't make your sheets muddy!

You are a lucky dog if you get to sleep in your mommy's bed and lick her dinner plate once in a while and dig some holes in the yard and have a good barkfest with your pals sometimes. But you should also know that you have to be a good dog and not bite people and listen when your mommy is telling you to do something. There is a time to be a good boy and a time to be a bad boy.

I have to go now and finish rearranging Mommy's shoes. If I do it right, when she puts on her shoes witout turning on the lights, she can wear two different sneakers all day! I'm a super trickster.


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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I ouched myself & Scout came home

Yup, I ouched my paw.

So last night I ouched myself on my front paw. I ouched a nail right off! I did it at 8:01 o'clock, which is about fortyleven seconds after Dr. Hawkins' office closes.

Mommy said it was not an emergency, but I was limping and licking my paw and she remembered when Scout ouched his paw like that it hurt A LOT. So she called the emergency hospital/super power central. The nice man said it was probably not an emergency but if the nail yanked off during the night it would probably hurt a lot more.

You should know that Mommy took a class on first aid for dogs, so she has some boo boo wrap to fix little ouches at home until we can get to Dr. Hawkins' office. Except she thought she was out of ouch medicine and she and Daddy thought I feeling pretty ouchy.

Mommy and Daddy decided that they didn't want me to be ouchy all night - thank you, Mommy and Daddy! - so me and Mommy went to the hospital to have my paw fixed.

It was really slow at the hospital. That's a good thing, because it means lots of dogs are not sick. Yay! So my paw got fixed super quick. I got a boo boo wrap and a plastic bag slipper to keep the boo boo wrap dry. When I walked, it looked like a flipper flapping around.

Except I didn't get any ouch medicine. Mommy asked the doctor a couple of times but she said, "Oh, he'll be fine. They tolerate this really well." I was trying to tell the doctor that I don't know what that big word meant but my paw really hurt. OUCH. Then she said we could take off the boo boo wrap later that night.

Anyway, Mommy took me home and we had some boo boo snuggles. First, we got into jammies. Then we got into bed and read books and ate goldfish crackers. Even Murphy and I did some snuggles.

Murphy licked my head for a while and made me feel better.

Then we got up in the mids of the night for a snack from the fridge, Bandit-style. That is when you eat your snack right out of the containers instead of putting it on a plate. (If you have a snack Bandit-style and you're sharing with your Mommy, she will probably want to use a fork. That is OK. By now you should know that I know how to eat off of a fork.)

We had some chicken and some potatoes (well, I had already licked all of potatoes earlier so Mommy didn't have any of those) and some chocolate pudding pie. (Mommy ate the pudding part and I ate the pie crust part, because you know that chocolate gives dogs emergency poop and I had already been to the hospital and did not want to go back.) Murphy had some chicken and pie crust, too.

Then me and Mommy went back to bed and she tried to take off my boo boo wrap. Except I yelped every time Mommy tried to touch my paw. OUCH!! So she said we could leave it until morning.

This morning, I was still limping - ouch! - and when Mommy tried to take off the boo boo wrap I did a bad thing. I made a big growl at her. I felt bad about that, but Mommy, you made my paw hurt! I finally let her take off the boo boo wrapping stuff. I am still limping a little and licking the boo boo, but it's not as ouchy as last night.

Anyway, Mommy went to visit Dr. Hawkins's office to pick up ... guess what? Scout. Except it's not all of Scout. It's just his dog body self in a pretty box, because, remember, his dog angel self is in heaven playing with Oscar and Comet and Natasha and Penny and Ho Ho and Phantom and lots of other animal friends and their animal angel selfs.

Dr. Hawkins also sent home one ouchy pill for me, because she thought I was probably feeling a little ouchy today. See, Dr. Hawkins knows that I don't growl at Mommy for no reason and that when you rip off your paw nail it really hurts and unless you are a stuffed dog from the toy store you are not going to tolerate it well. That is why we love her.

So I got my paw ouched and my brother came home (kind of) and it is raining we are snuggling up some more and getting ready for Sleepy Nap Time.


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I miss my brother

Me and Mommy get snuggled in our jammies and eat goldfish crackers to feel better.
So it is not fun without Scout. The day after Scout left, it snowed overnight and I ran outside to play, but he wasn't there. So I went upstairs and jumped all over Mommy til she woke up and then I said, "Come out and play in the snow!" But she is not as fun as Scout.

I have been waiting for him to come home, but Murphy told me that Scout is not coming home. I think he is lying. I think Scout just went away on adventure for a few days, like when me and Mommy went to BlogPaws! I think he's going to come home and tell me all about it. So for a while, I kept sniffing for him and waiting for him.

Except I think now that Murphy is right. Scout is not coming home.

I think I am very sad. Mommy is, too. So me and Mommy sneak upstairs to get into bed early and we eat goldfish crackers and tell stories and have lots of snuggles and read books. I think that is helping us feel better.

Mommy took me to a park this week where we sometimes would go when it did big snows outside and we played and chased the ball and it was great! Except I missed Scout. I could smell him on the trees and in the fields. Mommy says she is not going to take me to the regular park where we romped because it will make her cry and cry and she already has a very big headache cry.

And when Mommy goes out with Bailey, I am all alone here. I have never been all alone without Scout. It's lonely. I have been singing very sad songs when Mommy is not here.
Anyway, that is what is going on here at our house. Lots of snuggles and naps and goldfish crackers.

Oh, and Bailey has gas. Peee-eeeeww!!! She stinks up the whole house. I wish Scout was here. We'd have some big laughs about that.


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Friday, January 6, 2012

Scout became an angel today

Scout is playing bubbles on God's Farm in the Sky

Today is a very sad day for us. Scout went to live on God's Farm in the Sky.

Scout has been sick for long time from that icky yuck growing in his insides. The cancer doctor said last summer that Scout would not live to the end of summer.

Hahah, cancer doctor! Scout was still here at Christmas to see Santa!! Just like Mommy said he would be!

But this week Scout has been feeling very sick and last night he got super sick. He was barfing and he couldn't stand up too much by himself and so before breakfast Mommy and Daddy took him to see Dr. Hawkins. Scout was not with them when they came home.

Mommy said that Scout got out of his dog body self and turned into his dog angel self and caught the train to God's Farm in the Sky! Now he is up in heaven playing with other dogs. I bet he is playing bubbles with Jesus.

Mommy said Scout isn't sick any more and his pain is all gone and he is jumping and running and playing like  a puppy. She said he will wait on God's Farm until someday when we go to heaven and then we'll all get to romp and play together forever.

I hope the angels have a lot of bubbles. He really likes that game.

I am very sad that Scout is not coming home. He is a great big brother and I will miss not talking to him every day. But Mommy said that when I say my prayers I can give God a message to give to Scout so that every day when the angels call "mail call!" he will get a letter from me that says, "Hey, Scout, how's it going? We are OK here. Bailey is still being a stupid sister and I just ate some shoes. Talk to you later! Love Bandit!"

God thinks of everything. I am glad his farm is such a great place for a not-sick-anymore dog to live.

Mommy is crying a lot today. Bailey is spending a few hours at Dr. Hawkins office so me and Mommy can have some snuggle times. Scout was the dog who knew how to kiss away tears so I just let Mommy hug me lots. I hope I can do as good a job as Scout did at making Mommy feel better.

Anyway, that is what happened today.

your sad pal

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year from Bandit and Scout (video)

This is a happy new year message from me and Scout. You can hear Bailey in the background.

Love BANDIT!!!!

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