Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Fair To Bandit Day

Riding around in the cemetery in the rain is about as much fun
as sitting in the driveway in the car in the rain. BORING.

Today was a day called No Fair To Bandit Day.

First, Mommy said, "Hey, Bandit! Let's go for an adventure in the cemetery!" She wanted to look for a funny headstone she saw once and forgot to take a picture of. She said it would take about twoteen seconds and then we could have a romp because it was a warm day.

Except it took about twothousandteen seconds and she didn't find it and it started raining and raining and raining and we couldn't go for a walk. So I rode around in the car and got bored out of my whiskers and didn't get to walk for one inch or pee on one single tree.

Boo on that.

Then later when the rain stopped Mommy said, "Let's try walks again! Bailey gets to go first because she didn't get a car ride." Haha, like riding in the car is a big prize. Not much, Mommy.

So Bailey and Mommy went to the other cemetery and did a walk and came home. Then me and Mommy got in the car and drove to the cemetery.

And guess what? It started raining again!

Mommy said, "Oh, it's only sprinkling a few sprinkles so let's walk." Except we walked and walked and it sprinkled more sprinkles until it was making giant raindrops on our heads and we were wet through our fur and coats.
This is what it looks like when your Mommy makes you walk in the rain. Boo on that, Mommy.

It was not a fun walk.

So I had to ride around in the boring car and take a walk in the big rain. It was not a fair day to be me.

But then I got invited to a wedding for my friend Dexter! He is marrying his girlfriend. Dexter is a dog. So is his girlfriend.She does not have cooties. I will tell you about that fun wedding on another day.


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Friday, January 4, 2013

Me and Bailey get squeaky ducks!

Mommy says maybe my friends miss my blog posts. If you are not on Facebook you miss all my funny pictures. Boo on that. You should be my friend on Facebook!!

OK, so guess what happened today? Mommy went to the store to get stuff and she brought me and Bailey home stuffed squeaky ducks!! Thanks Mommy!!

Here are pictures of us with our new toys. Mommy said they cost about eleventy two dollars a minute of fun, since they are now dead stuffed squeaky ducks. That's OK, Mommy. Fun is lots more important than dollars!

PS You are not allowed to steal our pictures. The dog picture police will get really mad. If you love our pictures so much that you have to have one or you will cry all day, just let me know and I'll send you one!

Mommy let me pick out which stuffed duck I wanted for my own.

OK, Mommy! I pick this one!!

Bailey picked her stuffed duck. See you later, Mommy!

Bailey chewed her duck's wing.

Bailey's duck needed a wingectomy.

Then she unstuffed her duck!

Bailey is a pretty sister but she can unstuff a squeaky duck pretty fast. This is how daddy
takes pictures of dead deer. So we took a dead squeaky duck picture for him.

I took my squeaky duck upstairs. Mommy's Lambykins helped me squeak it.

Hey! I went outside to bark at my friends for a while and Lambykins
unstuffed my squeaky duck! Bad Lambykins.

Mommy, can you go get some more stuff that squeaks?


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