Saturday, September 14, 2013

We're publishing a book!

"Chapter One, finished!"
Guess what? Mommy signed something called a contract for her to write a book! A book that will be for sale!

HAHAHAHA!! We're going to be famous!!

The book is a bunch of her columns and essays and other boring stuff. But I get to have some of my stuff in there, too! They are going to use my Christmas story and my Halloween story and some other stuff.

You should know that some of it is funny and some of it will make you cry, especially the part Mommy just wrote about Scout. So make sure you have your tissues and your bottle of wine handy!

It is going to be published by Wordcrafts Publishing, which is owned by Mike and Paula Parker, who are very smart and very talented. You should definitely go visit their website.

I am helping Mommy write, and I am writing, and Bailey is being our editor. She is one tough editor. She made us stay up late last night working.

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