This is my family

I'm Bandit, Mommy's favorite trouble maker and keeper of the chickens. I'm also Super Electro Dog. I can talk to Mommy with my mind. I love Mommy. I love food. I love Mommy when she has food.

This is my family!!! 

This is my big brother Scout. He is in heaven living on God's Farm in the Sky now. He was the best big brother a dog could have. He taught me everything he knew about how to be a good dog. It was not his fault that I didn't listen.
This is Bailey. She's our sister. She came to stay with us for a little while until Mommy could find her a forever home. Except she liked it here and decided to stay. I'm teaching her how to be a bad dog.

This is our cat brother Murphy. He's like a dog which is why we like him so much.

This is us with our cousin, Dali. We like when she come to visit. We get extra biscuits.

Daddy!! He's the bestest, bravest daddy in the world. He works all day making hamburgers at Schallers so Mommy can stay home with us. Then he goes hunting to bring home deer to make us yummy venison jerky.

This is my Mommy. I love Mommy. Except when she hugs me so hard my tongue pops out of my mouth. Mommy is a writer. She writes for lots of websites and newspapers and blogs and stuff. She even won some awards. They tasted pretty good. You can learn more about Mommy in her blog,


 This is Cassie!! She is Mommy and Daddy's girl and she is also Dali's mommy.