Thursday, June 28, 2012

An adventure at the end of the world

Tonight after dinner, Mommy said, "Hey Bandit. Let's go for an adventure." So we got in the car and drove to the end of the world.

At the end of the world is a lot of water. It is wavy water. You can chase the waves and jump on the waves and try to catch them in your mouth. It also is stinky fish water.

You should know that if you swim with the fishes you will smell like the fishes.

Me and Mommy romped around in the water at the end of the world for a while. Then we got ice cream. It was a good adventure.


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Monday, June 25, 2012

Me and Bailey are super good dogs. And here's the video to prove it!

Over on her blog, Mommy wrote about how much work me and Bailey have been doing to become better dogs.

We have been busy. And Mommy says it shows!! We have been practicing how to not be wild, and how to pay attention, and how to sit and wait, and how to not fight with each other. Pretty good, huh?

Bring on the biscuits, Mommy!!


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Bailey is a bad, bad circus dog! (video)

HAHAHAHA!! Look at what Murphy taught Bailey to do! I'm not the baddest dog in the house anymore!!

Maybe Mr. Wallenda can use Bailey in his next adventure!


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Uh oh. Dead chipmunks.

Uh oh. Me and Bailey squished up the front door to Chip and Dale's drainpipe.

Remember the chipmunks that used to live in our drainpipe? Remember how me and Bailey got crazy wild and took part of the drainpipe off the house to try and catch the chipmunks? Me and Bailey have been waiting for a long time for Chip and Dale to come back and play. But they have been not around lately.

We thought they have been on vacation. Chipmunks in Mexico! Lying on the beach drinking acorn-tinis! Doing the cha-cha all night! Cha-cha Chipmunks!

Uh oh. Daddy told Mommy last night that Chip and Dale are not on vacation. They went up the drainpipe but couldn't come back down because me and Bailey squished the end of the pipe closed. Then a bunch of gunky gunk got washed down from the gutters and closed off the other end. So Chip and Dale had to stay in the drainpipe. For a long time. Like for about eleventyteen days long.

When when Daddy went to clean the drainpipes last week ... uh oh. Dead chipmunks.

Poor Chip and Dale. Well, at least we still have Mr. Fluffy.


PS: Do you think chipmunks go to live on God's Farm in the Sky? Maybe they are playing with Scout right now!!!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Bandit writes a letter to Grandma's friend Michelle

Hi everyone! Did you miss me?
Dear Michelle. Grandma says that you miss me! Here I am!!

I am sorry that I have not wrote on my blog very much. It has been B.O.R.I.N.G. here for a while. Here is some of the boring stuff going on.

Bailey unyarned a blankie Mommy is crocheting. It took Mommy about eleventeen hours to ravel back up the yarn.

Bailey tried to eat a GIANT toad on Saturday night. Bailey eats a lot of gross stuff. Once she tried to eat a whole baby bird and Mommy had to make her open her mouth and then reach in and take it out. Mommy says it was gross. Bailey said it was tasty. I don't think the baby bird was peeping any more. I don't think a toad would taste good, either. But we are both trying to catch some of the chipmunks who live in our drainpipes and garage. A chipmunk might be a tasty treat.

This is Mr. Fluffy.
We have a bunny in our yard!! He is a big, fluffy bunny. Mommy says I was sniffing the the grass and the bunny was right next to my nose but I didn't even know. Bailey is a better bunny sniffer. She puts her nose to the ground and sniffs like the giant dog hair sucking machine until she finds the bunny. It is nice for us dogs to have a pet, as long as Bailey doesn't eat it.

Mommy has been working on her family tree. A family tree is not the kind of tree you pee on. This kind of tree just has nuts on it. A family tree is boring for a dog. I hope she finds out that her family had some famous dogs. Then I will be interested.

Mommy has been having Big Crying Days over Scout. She says every time she goes to Walmart and doesn't have to stock up on bubbles it makes her cry because it reminds her that Scout is living on God's Farm in the Sky and not in our house anymore. That makes me cry, too.

Mommy is trying to grow a garden. So far the seed stuff has died, except for some beans. The other vegetables are growing pretty but we haven't seen any food yet. Mommy says if we had to live on what we can grow ourselves we would starve. She has some strawberry plants that make lots of berries but everytime she goes to pick them the strawberries are gone. Mommy, what do you think Mr. Fluffy eats? Fluffy Chow? HAHAHAHA!

Mommy had a Happy Your Mother Day. We were bad all day.

Then it was Mommy's Happy Birthday to You day. She let us eat her dinner and lick the birthday cake. It was great.

Yesterday was Daddy's Happy Birthday to You day. He spent all day washing his truck. He did not let us eat hamburgers or lick any cake. He didn't have cake. He had cannolis. He didn't let us lick that either (but Mommy let me have a taste). But he had a very good day and that is all that is important.

Next week is Happy Your Father Day. I think we'll bark all day for Daddy. I don't think it will make him happy but that is what happens when you don't share your cannolis with your puppy.

Mostly, Mommy has been working on her computer and Daddy has been at his work and me and Bailey have been going outside to bark and then coming inside to bark and then going outside to bark and then coming inside. Stuff like that.


I hope you are having a not boring summer, Michelle! Give Grandma a big hug for us and be nice to her because she is the bestest Grandma in the whole wide world!

Love, your pal,

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