Monday, March 15, 2010

Dali came to visit

I had a great weekend. My cousin Dali came to visit!

We did lots of fun stuff. We ran in the backyard and wrestled. I let her win a couple of times. Scout even played but he doesn't wrestle with Dali. Just me. Look, Mommy made a movie of us!

Then we came in the house and Dali made a big poop. Hahaha, it was so funny! We had to open the windows to let out the stink.

We greeted Daddy when he came home from work. Three dogs and a cat all wanting to give him kisses! Daddy felt very welcomed. He brought Mommy and Cassie french fries and cheeseburgers. And he said we couldn't have any. Boo.

And guess what? Mommy gave the stupid chickens the left over french fries! I guess that was a nice treat for the chickens. They can't go to Schallers like me and Scout and Dali get to do in the summer time. Maybe they make chicken leashes so we can bring them next time! Except maybe Daddy will make a mistake and cook the chickens. I guess we better leave the chickens home.

So we just played and chased Murphy and jumped on the furniture and had a great time. Mommy took our picture. Can you smell us? We stink. We smell great.

After a while, Mommy made us settle down and Dali started chewing some of my toys. And I decided it was time for Dali to go home. So I showed her my teeth and stuck out my tongue and told her to get into the kitchen. Right now.

Mommy gave me a time out. Well, I got two time outs because when I got out I still wanted Dali to go into the kitchen and leave my toys alone. So I kept showing her my teeth and sticking out my tongue. I was really mad.

Dali ignored me and just wagged her tail. But after a while me and her went into the kitchen and Dali showed me her teeth. And she has really big scary teeth! So I ran really fast to Mommy and hid under her legs. Mommy said I was being a big baby.

After Cassie did her laundry, Cassie and Dali went home. Me and Scout ate supper and we went right to bed. We were tired.

Anyway, you should invite your cousin over sometime to play. It's a good time! Just hide your favorite toys if you don't want them to get slobbered all over.


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