Monday, March 8, 2010

What we did this weekend

So we had a pretty boring weekend.

On Saturday, Mommy tricked me and Scout with hot dogs and made us get our fur brushed. Boo. Daddy fed us hot dogs while Mommy yanked us bald. She says we look prettier. I don't care if I look pretty. I like being stinky. But I did like eating hot dogs.

On Sunday, Daddy was home and he was fixing up the chicken's house because they are making more eggs! Daddy said the girls need more comfy egg-making beds so he spent the afternoon playing chicken coop repair man. Mommy didn't feel good so she stayed in the house. Me and Scout went outside with Daddy. Then we came in with Mommy. Then we went out. Then we came in. Then we went out. Then we came in. Out. In. Out. In. Then we watched a movie with Mommy. Then we went out and barked our heads off.

Today, Mommy took this picture of me and Scout. Did you even notice that our fur was brushed? See, Mommy. no one even cares if we're pretty or not.


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