Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Grass Guy comes to help us plant grass

So yesterday the Grass Guy came over to tell Mommy and Daddy how many gazillion dollars it is going to cost for him to come and plant grass in the backyard.

You should know that it is not my fault that there is no grass. There was no grass when I came to live here. So it's all Scout's fault.

The Grass Guy told Mommy and Daddy how his company would come and fix the dirt and plant the seed and add something stinky called compost and that it would cost gazillions of dollars but we would have grass.

And he explained how me and Scout could not play on the new grass for 6 weeks.

Hahaha, silly Grass Guy! Mommy and Daddy tried that last year and we just used our agility training and jumped over all of the fences!

Mommy says we HAVE to have grass this year because we live in a dust bowl and you can't open the windows because there's dirt flying everywhere and she can't sit outside and work because the dirt blows in her eyes.

Me and Scout talked it over and we decided that we would like grass, too. It would be soft and squishy under our feet and we could roll around in it and not get so dirty that we would have to have baths all of the time.

So Mommy and Daddy, we think you should spend the gazillion dollars and have the Grass Guy plant grass and we'll try not to jump too much on it so it can grow.

And then we can run and run and run all over it until it's dirt again and you can start all over next summer.


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