Monday, March 29, 2010

Cassie is a big Mystery Barf winner!

Cassie won a big round of Mystery Barf yesterday!

She was coming back to Rochester and drover her car as far the Thruway and she didn't feel good so she turned around and went home. The she barfed and barfed and barfed. And then barfed some more.

When she got done barfing, she drove to Mommy's house and crawled up in my spot on the couch so Mommy could take care of her.

Cassie thinks maybe she ate something yucky that didn't like being in her belly and wanted out. Well, it got out! And she's a big winner, too. She won the game because she doesn't know what made her barf plus she got bonus points because she also got Mommy to take care of her.

Ta da! That's the way we play the game! Keep Mommy guessing and paying attention to us!

We need to come up with a Mystery Barf prize.


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