Monday, March 22, 2010

Mommy is going to BlogPaws and she's not taking me

Mommy is going to a conference called BlogPaws. It's a big party where a bunch of people who write about dogs and cats and monkeys will meet each other. There will probably be coffee and donuts.

I think I should go to Blogpaws instead of Mommy, since I'm the one who writes this blog. Mommy says they let dogs sleep over in the hotel but since I can't go on the plane I have to stay here with Daddy and Murphy and Scout.

I don't know why I can't go on the plane. Uncle Eric is the one who flies the plane! I bet he'd let me ride up in front with him. I could help him push buttons. And Amberly is one of the pretty ladies who walk up and down the aisles handing out soda and cookies and barf bags. I could definitely help her do that.

Anyway, last time Mommy went on an overnight adventure without me I waited by the door the whole entire time because I missed her. I might do the same thing this time. I haven't decided yet.


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Bocci said...

I think you should go too, Bandit. I get to go because I live in Columbus-lucky me!
I promise to post lots of pics-I'll take one of your mom if she trusts a dog with a camera!
Check out my blog at:!

Your new buddy,

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's great! Take a lot of pictures and tell me what kind of food they have. And if there are any monkeys there. I'm looking for a monkey for my Grandma because I think it would be fun. HAHAHAHA!!

I wish I could come too. I'll go visit your blog!