Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What we did today and it was boring and I got pecked by a chicken

Here's what we did today.

We ate eggs with cheese for breakfast. Aunt Bea made some good breakfast eggs.

Mommy was all snuggly with her stupid chickens today because Ethel was getting picked on yesterday and Mommy felt sorry for her. She went out to the coop like a hundred bazillion times and held Ethel and pet her. You pet cats and dogs but not chickens. Right? I think Mommy is going cuckoo.

One time, Mommy was holding Aunt Bea, and I poked my head into the fence door and sniffed Aunt Bea. And Mrs. Beasley came over and pecked me right on my nose. That Mrs. Beasley is one cranky chicken.

When Mommy sat down to hold Ethel, Mrs. Beasley and Coco and Mrs. Wiggins and Aunt Bea kept pecking Mommy's feet and her legs and her jacket. Aunt Bea likes Mommy's wedding ring and kept trying to eat it off of her hand. Chickens are dangerous pets. Maybe we should get a pit bull instead?

Daddy was home today and no one played with us. Look at this picture of Scout; he kept saying, "Play ball! Play ball!" But instead Mommy wrote an article and Daddy was on his computer. We got to sit outside for as much as we wanted all day but we wanted to run. Mommy said the backyard was all ice and no one was running on it or we'd end up in the emergency room.

And she says that unless either me or Scout gets a job and pays off the last emergency room bill we are not going to get sick or hurt. HAHAHA, Mommy!

Then me and Scout had to get our stupid flea medicine and our medicine so we don't get wormy hearts. We stink like flea medicine. But Mommy doesn't care. She says we can sleep in the bed anyway. That's why we love Mommy. She loves us no matter how stinky we are. And we are pretty stinky.

Anyway, it's time for bed.


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Anonymous said...

sounds like U had a great day !!!


Bandit said...

It was OK. It would have been better if we played snowball catch until we threw up. But I guess it was a good day!!