Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wild Maniac Dog is here!

Hello, my name is Wild Maniac Dog and I've taken over Bandit's body!! WHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

I'm crazy! I bark at chickens! I jump! I bite! I won't come in the house when Mommy calls! I pee on the cat's scratching tree! I run around the yard like a crazy animal! I open the gate so me and Scout can go for a walk without Mommy and only come home when Hera's daddy finds us running in the street!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Wild Maniac Dog strikes again!

Today is the first day of spring so Wild Maniac Dog will stay in Bandit's body all day. Maybe I'll let regular Bandit come back tomorrow. But right now, I want to be crazy!!!!

Wild Maniac Dog

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