Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a finalist in the 2010 Dog Blog Contest

Guess what? Mommy got a note today that said my blog is a big winner in the 2010 Dog Blog Contest!

Well, an almost big winner. I'm a finalist!!

I don't know what that means except that I am going to be famous.

The man who wrote to tell us the big exciting news said that I had enough fans who voted for me in Round 1 - thank you! - and then the people at the dog blog contest headquarters picked me and 19 other blogs out of 142 other blogs to be a finalist. Then they'll pick a big winner later.

Mommy gets some stuff.

I hope I get to go to Hollywood and meet Ellen and be on her TV show because she would fall in love with me. Except I wouldn't let Ellen take me home because I love my own Mommy.

Or maybe I can sing on American Idol. I'm a very good singer.

Or Chef Ramsey might cook me lunch. I like tea and I like chicken, Chef Ramsey. And I could bring you some eggs from our cranky chickens.

Probably we'll just get a nice ribbon to put on our blog. But even that is great because it shows how famous I am and that I am a big winner!

Ta da!! Today is another celebration day at the Funny Farm!

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