Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to eat bird seed

I like to eat birdseed when I help Mommy fill the birdfeeders. But you should know that puppies are really not supposed to eat bird seed.

That's because it might taste good when you're putting it into your belly, but it is not comfortable when it has to come out. Ouch.

Plus, I think that if you don't get it all out, the seeds will sprout and before you know it you will have birds growing in your belly and they will fly around inside your guts.

I guess a chickadee might be OK, but if you had a crow growing in your belly you would be in big trouble.

I'll bet if you have birds in your guts you would definitely have to go to the hospital and see Dr. Kirk and have him experiment on you to get the birds out.

So don't eat bird seed. Or if you do, make sure you poop out every single seed so no birds grow in your guts.


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