Monday, March 22, 2010

A story about the meanest mommy in the history of the world

Once upon a time there was a mommy named Mommy, and she was the meanest, trickiest mommy in the history of the entire world.

One day, she said to her baby puppy, "Let's go for an adventure in the car!" And he went with her, because he loved to have adventures with his mommy. Especially in the car.

Mommy and her puppy went to their friend Tim Horton's house, and got some coffee and donut holes. Except Tim had to hand it to them out the kitchen window because Mrs. Horton doesn't let dogs in her dining room.

So Mommy and her baby puppy drove home, eating their donut holes. And the puppy was very excited, because he knew that there were even more donut holes in the bag Mommy had hidden in her purse.

When they got home, Mommy went upstairs and called her puppy. "Want another donut hole, puppy?" And he ran upstairs and found Mommy in the bathroom, holding a donut hole.

While the puppy was distracted by the donut hole, the mean mommy slammed the bathroom door, picked up the poor puppy and plopped him into the bathtub, and gave him a bath.

The End.

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