Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi Faceless International!

So Mommy's friend Super Cool Lori Lenz (ta da!) was at an event for something called Faceless International, and guess what? Lori said two people are talking about me and Scout!

HAHAHAHAHA! I told you we were famous!

Don't be scared! Mommy said the people at Faceless International do have faces. That would be very scary. How would they eat? Or kiss their puppies? Or see what color socks they were putting on in the morning? Or play mystery barf?

Mommy says that the name Faceless means that they do stuff for people around the world that usually get ignored. They feed them and help them and take care of them and love them and make them not get ignored any more.

Did you know that in some places - even in America! - mean people steal other people and then sell them? They get sold like puppies! Except puppies get to live in warm comfy houses and sleep in bed with their mommies. People who get sold don't get treated nice. They are forced to do things that Mommy says a little puppy should not have to hear about. That is not very nice at all.

It's good that my friends at Faceless are working hard to take care of those people.

So you can add Super Cool Lori Lenz to your list of friends, and also add all of my friends at Faceless International to your list. Because they work very hard to help people and still take time to read my blog.

Hmmm. Mommy said maybe me and her are going to take a road trip this summer. Maybe we can go visit Super Cool Lori Lenz and the people at Faceless?


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nancy said...

Dear Bandit,

Were your ears burning when we were talking about you? I told Super Cool Lori that you make me laugh. And I love to laugh.

Thank you for telling people about Faceless International.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nancy!

Now I know why my ears were burning! I thought I had bug in there.

I'm so glad I make you laugh!! I just make Mommy yell "Dammit, Bandit!" a lot.


nancy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man! That brought tears!