Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We have Captain Hook worms!

You should know that me and Scout have had upset stomachs for a few days. Scout even barfed right on Mommy yesterday morning while she was in bed! (Double mystery barf points for Scout!)

Mommy had to take our poop to Dr. Hawkin's office so she could do experiments on it. Guess what? I have Captain Hook worms!

Since Scout has been sick, too, we both get to have medicine. I hope it tastes like chicken.

Mommy says that's what I get for eating poop all the time.


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Teresa said...

Get better soon!

lifewithdogs said...

Yes, what Theresa said! You need to get beter so you can make use of those tickets you just won.


Anonymous said...

Well, Mommy gets to use the tickets and she is making me stay home with Daddy. Boo. Daddy is not as much fun as Mommy.

I am feeling better. I have spent two days being Wild Maniac Dog again. I took all of the stuffing out of my bed. It was great. Plus, I ate Mommy's glove, a sock, and a magazine.