Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday at the Funny Farm

One of Mommy's chickens laid an egg today that didn't have a shell.

I found it in a bowl on the stove and when I went to sniff it, all of the insides just fell out! I didn't squish it that hard, honest! Mommy said the shell was like paper, and it must be the first egg from one of the cranky chickens, like Coco or Mrs. Beasley. So she wasn't mad at me.

It's not the spring season yet, just mud season. So me and Scout are very, very dirty and stinky. And we like it that way. Even Mrs. Beasley and Coco were rolling around in the dirt today!

Haha, this was something funny that happened today! Mrs Beasley crawled under the coop and went to the little extra space behind and Mommy had to crawl through the coop window and rescue her. Mommy had to jump down and then figure out how to climb back up into the window. Mommy should join the circus!

Anyway, today was just another fun day at the Brokaw Funny Farm!


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