Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy locked Daddy in the chicken coop

Hahahahaha! Something really funny happened tonight.

Daddy and Mommy were outside looking at the stupid chickens. Daddy had to fill the hole they're digging because they're trying to escape so they can fly to Bermuda for vacation.

Mommy was checking to see if there were any more eggs because someone can't tell time and keeps laying eggs at dinnertime.

So here's what was so funny: when Mommy left Camp Cluck, she forgot and put the lock on and locked Daddy inside! He was still raking the dirt and had his back to her.

Mommy went in the house to finish making cookies and me and Scout were busy barking at Tina, because we like to say hello when she comes home from work.

That's when Daddy realized he couldn't get out of the chicken run.

Daddy kept calling, "Scout and Bandit! Go get Mommy!!" But we ignored him. We knew Mommy would come out if we kept barking.

Plus, nothing is going to hurt Daddy in the chicken run. He made it very safe. No one can get in and the chickens can't get out. So no dogs or hawks or wild giraffes could hurt him. He would be warm if he had to sleep there all night. Plus, there's food and water and probably some french fries from yesterday.

So we played and Mommy baked and Daddy yelled and yelled.

Finally, Daddy figured out how to take the door handle off so he could escape and we all went in the house. Daddy was laughing, which is a good thing because Mommy felt really bad. Another good thing was that there were fresh cookies.

So Mommy locked Daddy in the chicken coop and he still loves her anyway!


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