Monday, March 1, 2010

When you gotta go, you gotta go!

I peed in my crate today. Well, I was inside my crate when I did it so I guess I peed out of my crate, because it was only a little wet inside my crate but really wet next to my crate.

I got the phone book and the pretty box and Murphy's scratching tree all wet.

I didn't want to pee in my crate! But Mommy went out and didn't come home for a bazillion hundred hours and I just couldn't hold it any more. (Mommy note: it was only 3 hours, Bandit.) I didn't pee because I was mad at Mommy, honest.

I went outside before Mommy left. But I don't remember if I went potty or not. I was pretty busy chasing Scout and barking at my friends. So I might have had to go before she even left. I don't remember.

I feel bad. Although Mommy didn't seem very mad. She just sighed told me to go outside and play while she cleaned up the mess.

I'm sorry, Mommy. I love you!


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