Monday, March 22, 2010

I ouch Mommy

I made an ouch on Mommy's finger today. It was a big ouch. Blood even came out of it.

Here's what happened:

I had to go see Dr. Hawkins today for my yearly check up. Mommy was giving me some biscuits to keep me distracted while I got poked and had lights shined in my eyeballs and in my ears and my belly was squeezed to make sure my guts were healthy.

Well, Mommy had a biscuit in her fingers and I was chewing it but she forgot to let go and I chewed down really really hard on her finger. Ooops! It was an accident!

When Mommy took her finger out of my mouth it was bleeding. Dr. Hawkins looked at it and said Mommy should keep it clean and watch for an infection and that it would hurt but it should be OK.

So Mommy has a band aid on her pointing finger and it's hard for her to type. Plus she still has that sore bonked finger on the other hand where she whammed her fingers in the bathroom door.

I'm sorry Mommy. I feel bad. And I'll help you do your work today. But next time, remember to let go of the biscuit!


PS Dr. Hawkins said I am normal. Mommy laughed.

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