Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30 is Hairball Awareness Day, but I say Bring on the barf!

Romeo the Cat has teamed up with Furminator for Hairball Awareness Day on April 30. They're going to tell people how to help their cats not get hairballs.

But I say, Bring on the barf!

Cats can try and have no hairballs, I guess. Our cat brother Murphy doesn't get too many hairballs.

But we puppies like to play Mystery Barf!

In fact, yesterday, I barfed up a ginormous ball of fur and pieces of a plastic lid I ate a few days ago. It was bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball, and it was really yucky.

It was great! I grossed out Mommy and I got a special rice breakfast! Bonus points for Bandit!

And today Scout didn't even barf and he won the game!

So while all of the cats are trying not to cough up hairballs, tell us what the grossest thing is that you ever barfed up. You get extra points if you got someone you love to take care of you!


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