Friday, April 30, 2010

Help us learn how to be good dogs

Mommy is wrecking all of our fun.

When Mommy is in the house and we're outside, and someone comes to visit, we bark and bark and jump on the gate to say hello and let Mommy know we have company.

And the visitors try to get us to stop barking and jumping by giving us biscuits or talking to us or saying all kinds of words we don't understand.

And that just makes us bark and jump even more!

But Mommy says that she doesn't want people to pay any attention to us when we're being bad dogs. She says visitors are only allowed to talk to us or give us biscuits if we are sitting quietly.

So she put a sign up on the gate!

Boo on that idea, Mommy. We like being bad barking dogs!


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