Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Today was Easter and Grandma, Cassie and my cousin Dali came over to eat and play with us.

Me and Dali and Scout had some good times. Mommy tried to take our picture but one of us kept moving or something. But she finally got a picture where we all looked kind of normal.

Then we did some running and wrestling and playing in the pool and rolling in the dirt.


Then I showed Dali how big my chickens are getting. And Dali snuck inside Camp Cluck when Mommy went to check the egg boxes! Bad Dali!

I also introduced her to my friend Abby on the other side of the fence. Dali and Abby did not like each other at all. They showed each other their teeth and growled and barked. I took Dali's side, because what else is a cousin supposed to do? But me and Abby are still friends.

Mommy made some good salads and Daddy cooked some good hamburgers and Grandma brought some good cheesecake and I stole some of all of it off Cassie's dinner plate.

Then after we spent eleventeen hundred hours playing and fighting, we all decided to take a break. I read some of Cassie's homework books about something called philosophy. I don't know who Phil is but he sure uses a lot of big words.

Mommy picked me up and started kissing me. Blech, Mommy! My friends are watching!

And then the day was over. Grandma went home and while Cassie finished her laundry us dogs went inside the house and fell asleep.

We hope you had a nice Easter and got to eat good food and run around with your cousin and even get blechy kisses from your Mommy.


PS: Hi, Grandma!

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