Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Water dogs, dirt and other fun summer stuff

Today is a great day and it's not even lunchtime!

Mommy took me and Scout to the park this morning and let us run and run and run. We played a little puppy school, and Mommy also learned that I can jump out of the car window even when it's only cracked open a little bit.

Then Mommy took us home and put out a brand new water dog sprinkler!! It makes a lot of different waterfalls. Some make little waterfalls, some make big giant sprays, and one even is a Mommy drencher. Hahahaha! It was great.

Then we rolled around in the dirt and had ourselves a great time.

Mommy says we are not allowed in the house until we are all dried. That's OK. We like to stay out and bark at our friends, anyway.

Scout says we will pay for all of this fun because Mommy will make us get in the bathtub and get soaped and drowned. I say who cares? Let's play now and worry about the bath later!


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